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All About Soy Ear Candles
Soy is the newcomer to the Ear Candle menu.  Soy ear
candles arrived in 1997 via a company now called
ZZ Ear
 The person responsible for introducing soy to the ear
candle market was a massage therapist in Ft Worth, Texas who
learned how to make paraffin ear candles from the Amish (who sold
them at a barber shop near her massage therapy studio).

She started making ear candles for her family and massage clients
and soon there were more orders for ear candles than massage
sessions, so she promptly folded up her massage table and went
into the ear candling business full time.  Over the years she made
some alterations to the original design the Amish taught her and
those changes were well received by her customers.  
Her original
Soy ear candles are shipped worldwide now.

During the first few years she made them from paraffin, because
that was how she was taught.  She didn't like the way paraffin
clogged the ear candle and also how "drippy" the paraffin candles
seemed.  The length of the candle caused them to collapse on
themselves so she also started wrapping them shorter.  

Necessity is the mother of invention, and she proceeded to
experiment with other waxes to improve not only the clogging issues
but to cut the costs.  I know this lady, and she's a "tree hugger" so
renewable source waxes were an important issue.

After trial and error, a cost effective and quality ear candle was
created using a proprietary bend of 3 different soy waxes and 2
different grades of beeswax.  She doesn't give out the blend, but
others have tried to copy it.

Since her
ONLINE introduction of the Soy ear candle in 2000,
Wally's, , AJsCandles and several other
companies have produced their own versions.  
They are the
copycats NOT the originators!
 The Ear Candle Lady KNOWS!  
8- 10 min
9 inches
38 inches
of fabric
1/2 in
size of a
Don't clog, easier to handle,
don't collapse, renewable
source, cost less than 100%
Warmer temperature
in ear, softer shell,
higher flame on top,
"unscented" still has
an odor.
Soy wax is too soft by itself.  It must be mixed with another
"harder" wax to function as an ear candle.  

Most people who enjoy soy ear candles (really a soy
blend) also
like the fact that it is a
renewable source (derived from plants)
and when mixed with beeswax (also a renewable source)
becomes an affordable alternative to 100% beeswax.

The most commonly reported disadvantage is the warmer
temperature inside the ear.  Soy wax has a low melt point and
therefore creates more heat than paraffin or beeswax.  There
are some folks who are more sensitive to heat than others and
this is an issue for them when using Soy ear candles.

The remedy is to follow MY
ear candling instructions
located here.
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