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All About Paraffin Ear Candles
Paraffin Ear Candles are the oldest (modern) ear candle.  
There's not much information available prior to 1990 (and the onset
of the internet) regarding ear candle manufacturing.  

There are reports of health food stores selling them as early as
1970, but mostly ear candles were made by families who had
passed down the method from generation to generation.  Paraffin
or recycled candle wax and strips of cotton fabric (or what ever was
available around the house) were used.

The resurgence of alternative therapies (home remedies) and
wellness awareness in the early 90's also gave rise to an increased
interest in ear candling.

Since Soy had not been introduced in the 90's and beeswax was
very expensive, paraffin became the obvious choice in wax.  

Paraffin is an inexpensive by-product of petroleum oil.  It is a
durable wax with a hard set and high melt point which means it
burns longer and has a harder surface than beeswax or soy.  It
burns clear, which means that even though the flame is as high as
beeswax or soy, it is less visible to the eye.  

The unfortunate disadvantage to paraffin is also the reason
skeptics and "quack watchers" call ear candles a scam.  Paraffin
wax does not burn completely and therefore clogs the tip of the
candle with a gooey gunk that many earlier practitioners assumed
was ear wax.  Customers were left believing that "all that wax was
from my ear".

As long as customers know that there is a lot of paraffin left inside
the candle (and it's NOT from their ear), paraffin remains the most
popular choice among those who ear candle.
10-15 min
11 inches
38 inches
of fabric
1/2 in
size of a
Inexpensive, original (modern)
design and materials, longer
length increases burn time,
hard shell, stores well.
Tip clogs easily, wax
can drip into ear,
must continually cut  
during burning, non-
renewable source.

Paraffin is made from petroleum oil.  It burns clear (unseen)
and has no "scent".  It is the most popular, least
expensive to make and has the longest burn time.

Because Paraffin ear candles are generally made longer than
soy or beeswax it is necessary to cut the candle several times
during the session to keep it from collapsing.  

The most reported disadvantage is wax dripping into
the ear because of the amount of unburned wax
that fills the tip of the candle.

The remedy is to follow MY
ear candling instructions
located here.
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