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All About NEWSPAPER Ear Cones for Ear Candling
Newspaper Ear Cones are the "poor man's" ear candle.   2-5
sheets of newspaper are rolled tightly into a cone and lit at the big
end while the small tip is inserted in the ear.

Most people who do this kind of ear candling do it by themselves in
front of a mirror.  That scares me more than you know!

During my years at fairs, expos and trade shows, I heard thousands
(literally) of men, women, grand mothers, young folks, teachers and
others tell me they use this method to clear their ears.  The majority
had ties to South America and Mexico.

I had one missionary from the Mormon Church demonstrate how
the people in Venezuela did this coning for him and his missionary
companion.  I asked him if he thought it worked.  He told me that he
did feel better after they did it, but he wasn't sure if it was because
it was finished or because it worked -lol.  That being said, he still
cones his ears with newspaper - 10 years later.

Because the burn time is so short, I don't believe newspaper ear
cones are as effective as wax cones.  

There must be something to this method as so many employ it, but
The Ear Candle Lady is not brave enough to try this.  If you decide
this is the way for you to go, please drop me an email and let me
know about your experience!
1-2 min
according to
sheets used
Readily available anytime,
very inexpensive,
"re-purposed" for the
Fast burn, very
high flame,
inconsistant burn,
high risk of setting
fire to face and

Newspaper rolled into a cone and lit is probably the
most practiced form of ear candling used in Mexico
and South America.

It's cheap, easy and taught from generation to generation.  

Those who do it swear by it.  The Ear Candle Lady does
NOT recommend it.  But, if you have no other means to obtain
ear candles, well. . . I've seen stranger things!

Effective Ear Candling Instructions are
located here.
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