“Approved” Halloween Costumes

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Just a little humor for today!

Too bad I couldn’t find an EAR CANDLE costume.  If you have one, send pics!  The ear candle lady wants one!

The Ear Candle Lady wants to remind everyone to use BING or Yahoo! as your search engine since Google thinks ear candles AND alternative therapies including SUPPLEMENTS are “problematic” and won’t let them be advertised on their search.


Ear Candles Don’t Suck But THIS Does! FDA Approval #2

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Remember when all the skeptics said that it was IMPOSSIBLE for an ear candle to suck wax out of the ear?  Then the medical “professionals” declared “EAR CANDLES ARE A SCAM!”

Remember when the medical “professionals” and the FDA said in order for a vacuum to actually pull wax out of the ear it would have to be so intense that it would cause damage to the ear drum? Once again, Ear Candles were put to shame because we actually thought they weren’t harmful.

Shame on us because the picture BELOW is the only “APPROVED” way to suck wax out of your ear. . . .even though the medical profession has already stated that kind of suction would damage the ear drum.

Remember, you saw it here FIRST!  LOL  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Ear Candles Don't Suck But THIS Does!

I guess it’s the amount you $$ PAY $$  that determines if the treatment is “Approved” or not.  Sure seems the Doctors are making a fortune on something you can do at home with a lot less stress.

Pass this on to all your ear candling friends and supporters!

Don’t forget to order ear candles for Fall allergy season.  Ragweed is wayyyy up! Order from your favorite companies by clicking here



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I’ll be posting more as I get time to put them together.  My faith in the bumbling FDA just sank to a below zero percentage after the pics I found this month.

The most amazing thing, which escapes a LOT of consumers, is the pricing for “Medically Approved” tools vs. what the AMA and FDA brand as UNSAFE, ie: ear candles, q tips and peroxide.   We’ll start with my favorite pic below:

FDA "Approved" ear wax removal system

If Ear Candles are unsafe, then the spoon made me fat! I think I'd rather Ear Candle!

Of course doctors don’t want you to use cotton swabs, they can’t make any money off of them!  Just like ear candles.  The medical supply companies, which sell these stainless steel syringes to the public as well as your favorite ENT, are happy to see you part with your money.  It’s not that the treatment is “safer” ; the doctors just have to pay for their malpractice insurance!

The main complaint the FDA and Dr’s have about q-tips and ear candles is the potential damage to the ear drum.  Let’s take 2 seconds to think about that as you look at the “Approved” system above!!!!  I pity the unfortunate person who feels the puncture of a large metal needle capable of shooting a hard stream of water inside the inner ear.

Ok, I have to get back to putting more pictures together.  Just remember to support your ear candle companies by purchasing on a regular basis.

EAR MAINTENANCE  is extremely important.  Don’t wait until you have problems before you ear candle!  For complete and SAFER ear candling instructions (regardless of what brand you use) visit my website. http://www.earcandlelady.com



Bananas and Ear Candles

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It’s back to school time and PREVENTATIVE WELLNESS beats going to the doctor any day.   Wellness starts with nutrition and stress reduction.    Reduce the stress by ear candling and open the brain to receive the inspiration of educational sources.

[insert blatant "plug" for MissouriScents.com here] lol  All their candles are  $1 each.  They also carry ear oil, fragrance oils and head drapes.

Glitter Graphics
Glitter Graphics

Bananas have a long list of health benefits, some of which are:

1.   Ease Constipation: its high fiber content helps digestive tract and bowel movement

2.   Diarrhea: the potassium replaces the lost electrolytes

3.   Anemia: the iron helps to replenish the red blood cells

4.   Healthy bones: bananas contain a complex sugar compound that nourishes good bacteria in the colon. This good bacteria produce enzymes which help digestion and in the process increase the absorption of calcium

5.   Prevent High blood pressure: its high potassium and low sodium ratio helps prevent high blood pressure and stroke

6.   Help reduce Ulcers: bananas stimulate the cells on the internal stomach lining to produce a thick mucus protecting it against acid; it contain enzyme inhibitors that get rid of bacteria in the stomach that cause ulcers

7.   Reduce Depression: bananas contain an amino acid that can be converted to serotonin and help reduce depression

8.  Relief Stress: when a person is highly stressed, his potassium level will deplete quickly. Eating bananas, which is high in potassium, will restore the level and provide a good balance in the body

9.   Reduce Heartburn: bananas help to prevent the build-up of acids in the stomach and provide relief for people suffering from heartburn

10. Reduce Morning Sickness: bananas help keep the blood-sugar level up and reduce morning sickness

11. Help to quit Smoking: bananas contain vitamins B6, B12, potassium and magnesium that can help a person trying to quit smoking to recover from nicotine withdrawal

12. Anti-Cancer quality: a fully ripe banana produces a substance known as TNF that can fight abnormal cells. Dark spots will appear on the skin of the banana as it ripens. The more dark spots it has the better its fighting ability and anti-cancer quality.

In researches conducted in Japan using animals, the health benefits of various fruits were compared. The fruits include banana, apple, pear, pineapple, persimmon, grape, and water melon. Banana came out top. Eating bananas produced the anti-cancer substance TNF, increased the white blood cells count, and improved the immunity of the body.

So eat a banana a day and keep the doctors away. Care to join me?

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chongyim_Ng

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Don’t forget to get those ears candled so you and your family can HEAR!  BTW, ear candling does NOT help selective hearing loss. . .


Ron Paul’s Support of Ear Candles

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The Ear Candle Lady personally doesn’t support Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, but I DO support his letter to the FDA dated May 25, 2010 in the wake of the FDA jihad on Ear Candles.

In part it reads: “I am writing regarding the numerous warning letters … sent to the manufacturers of ear candles suggesting that ear candles are a medical device requiring premarket applications… the result would be to deny some people access to the product… I have been made aware that there is a dispute over whether ear candles meet the definition of a medical device. Furthermore, I am aware that there are claims that, even if ear candles meet the statutory definition of a medical device, they likely fall within the exemptions granted Class I generic devices. Thus, it is questionable whether the FDA’s letters … reflect a proper classification of ear candles… I have also been informed that there are very few adverse events reports… It seems that concerns about the safe use of ear candles could be addressed by requiring the distributors of ear candles to include risk warnings and proper use instructions…”

Thank you Ron, for defending our rights to “health freedom” against the abusive power of the FDA and other federal agencies!

BUY Ear Candles Here!

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Just a reminder, The Ear Candle Lady does NOT sell ear candles.  I’m here as a resource for all your ear candle information!  Look below to buy ear candles from businesses I recommend!

Ear Candle in Ear

Love this Ear Candle Picture

Since Google has decided to eliminate alternative therapy advertising (including supplements, weight loss pills, vitamins, etc) most of the ear candle ads have been taken down.   I’ve had requests to post businesses on my website:  EarCandleLady.com .  I’m working on this list and you can check it out here.

August is a great time to get an ear candle session done before school starts.

While the kiddos are mingling with all the new students and returning friends, they are also mingling with all the germs, Hand Foot & Mouth Disease, strep, and . . .well you get the picture.

The Ear Candle Lady doesn’t remember a single year ( 30 years mind you) where her kids didn’t pick up “something” or get sick after  the first 2 weeks of school!

Ear Candling doesn’t “cure” anything, but as a wellness measure it can help boost the body to fight harder, especially when it comes to ear, nose and throat issues !

Amish Ear Candles: Is offering a BOGO on ALL their ear candles today.

Missouri Scents: Has all their ear candles for $1.oo plus FREE Shipping.

Ear Candle Sale.com: Has Soy Blend Ear Candles for $.79 cents !

Cheap Ear Candles.com: Has a 20% bonus special. Order 50 or more

ear candles and you get 20% more for free.

ECNEarCandles.net : Has a 70 cent special on their soy ear candles.

One last afterthought today. . . use YAHOO! or BING to search for your alternative therapy products.  You will find much more affordable items there than Google.  Google is driving prices up with their business practices!

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Woman Finds Spider in Her Ear

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While gathering the pictures of “approved” ear debris removal devices, I came across this article today on Yahoo.Dry weather causes spiders to find new home. .  .

Yup!  It’s a SPIDER inside the ear canal.

Now, this woman complained of itching in her ear and went to the doctor.  He then used irrigation to flush out the spider.  It was successful, that’s good.

Had this happened in the USA, she would have been charged around $300 for that “treatment”. . . maybe more.

Ear Candling would have done the same thing for around $5 and the smoke from the candle would have disabled the spider.

Should I mention how much more relaxing ear candling is over driving to the hospital, sitting in the ER, waiting for the scans, waiting for the doctor to show up, filling out forms, making the co-pay, enduring cold water blasting inside your ear, (I’m sure they took blood and did a lot of other tests), coming back for a follow-up visit to make sure the spider didn’t have babies in her ear, etc. . . .

Live Science & CNN reports that with our heat and drought conditions bugs are in abundant supply this year.


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“Approved” Ear Wax Removal?

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Watch for my upcoming post on what the FDA and the American Medical Association APPROVE as ear wax removal treatments.  OMGOODNESS!  You will be totally shocked what I found.

Stay tuned. . . .

The Ear Candle Lady


Ear Candle Deals this Week!

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Amish Ear Candles

B.O.G.O. Sale on Ear Candles

Amish Ear Candles has a BOGO special on their front page.  The Ear Candle Lady LOVES  B.O.G.O.!!!

Google has created a situation where ear candle prices are going to go UP! (See my blog posts below this one).

This would be a great time to stock up on ear candles.  If you don’t see your favorite company on my recommended list, then please search for them via YAHOO or BING.

Since Google is forcing ear candle companies to use their Google Shopping link, the “Mom & Pop” businesses (who have always offered a great product with a GREAT PRICE) can’t afford to compete with Wally’s, Harmony Cone and other big corporates and their fancy packaging (which YOU pay for), high advertising budgets etc.

Mom & Pop’s like Amish Ear Candles will be going to Yahoo and Bing where the advertising is less expensive and they don’t have to raise prices to compete for your business.

So, do yourself a favor and use Yahoo and Bing  as your search engine from now on.  It’ll cost you less too!

Yes, this is a blatant “sell” for Yahoo and Bing but, I’m retired and I can do what I want!

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How Ear Candles can Beat Google!

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If you are a business that makes or sells ear candles and have had your ads pulled by Google here’s a little something you can do:

Go to this link:


Fill it out and then report GOOGLE’S OWN POLICY VIOLATION by reporting their ad for ear candles.  Below is the copy of the link to report:


Under the “comments” section tell Google it’s violating it’s own policy by advertising ear candles.

The rest of you can use Yahoo or Bing to do your searches for GREAT PRICES on EAR CANDLES!!

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