How Ear Candles can Beat Google!

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If you are a business that makes or sells ear candles and have had your ads pulled by Google here’s a little something you can do:

Go to this link:


Fill it out and then report GOOGLE’S OWN POLICY VIOLATION by reporting their ad for ear candles.  Below is the copy of the link to report:


Under the “comments” section tell Google it’s violating it’s own policy by advertising ear candles.

The rest of you can use Yahoo or Bing to do your searches for GREAT PRICES on EAR CANDLES!!


Google and Ear Candles

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Well Google finally did it. They think they are Gods. Every ad using keywords relating to EAR CANDLES has been yanked as of today!

Of course, Walmart, Amazon, Ask.com and Google’s SHOPPING Network still have their ads up. Wonder about that!

If you want to find your favorite ear candle company, you will have to go to the search term “BUY Ear Candles”. Your company will probably show up. If not, then you can use the link to my recommended page of ear candle suppliers.

Good luck and tell Google what you think. They’re a little too big for their britches!


On a positive note

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The Ear Candle Lady is taking a break to get some gardening done. I’m looking forward to finishing the week with a super massage and and extra ear candling session. Don’t forget to get your ears candled too. Summer is a great time to relax and rejuvenate!


Update on Google’s Ear Candle Policy

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Google is going through their account lists ALPHABETICALLY and plans to eliminate all ads, Google shops and organic search engine listings that sell ear candles.  AJ’s Candles, where are you these days?  You’re not on Google anymore.  Amish Ear Candles, has received warning letters to take down their ads too.

Google is still bullying it’s way into loosing advertising revenue.  According to them the USA doesn’t allow the sale of ear candles!  WRONG!  How stupid are you Google?  If you READ the information you’d see the USA only bans the IMPORT of ear candles!!!   They ban imports of lots of stuff, but that doesn’t make any of them illegal.  Geeze!

This is the reason Google decided Ear Candles are Pharmaceutical Products:

  • The product has been identified as being tainted with toxins or active pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • The product name intrinsically implies safety or efficacy to treat or cure a medical condition, but is not approved as a medicine; or,
  • The product is used or marketed for experiencing psychoactive effects or as a street drug alternative (e.g., synthetic marijuana, bath salts or party pills).

For a search engine, like Google,  to be this ignorant of the availability of correct information just baffles The Ear Candle Lady.

Who are these Ad “Specialists” Google hires?

I can’t remember anytime I got HIGH from ear candling, had to go get medical treatment for ear candle TOXINS , or assumed that the name EAR CANDLE meant anything other than feeling good (like a massage- which isn’t FDA approved either).

I CAN remember spending hundreds of dollars and hours in the hospital for reactions to FDA APPROVED drugs that didn’t treat the issue they were prescribed for. . . .

One thing is for sure, unless I’m within 5 feet of Obama’s security guards, I have the right to FREE SPEECH.  The Ear Candle Lady will continue to let you know where you can buy ear candles, make ear candles, sell ear candles, use ear candles, and give you as much information as you need.

I will be revamping my website (as time permits) to offer a comprehensive listing of ear candle makers.

To be continued. . . .


Google says Ear Candles are Pharmaceutical Products?

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I just got this email forwarded to me from one of the companies who sell ear candles online.  Apparently their ads have been pulled from Google Search several times over the last 4 weeks.  Google stated that the ads violated Google policy in that their “Ad Specialists” have decided that Ear Candles are Pharmaceutical items!!!!!!!

What chemicals are in Ear Candles that require a doctors prescription?

The Ear Candle Lady is OUTRAGED!

Here is the copy of the email Google sent:


Hi Marilyn,
I escalated your issue over to our Policy specialist team and they’ve confirmed that ear candles are one of our unapproved pharmaceutical products, so no ads may be run for them. For additional insight into why ear candles are a part of our unapproved products list, please see this article.
In regards to why you might be seeing other advertisements for ear candles appearing, it’s a result of our system not yet reviewing those particular accounts. I’ve already put a notation to have those accounts reviewed as soon as possible. In general, all ads pertaining to ear candles will eventually be taken down.
While we make every effort to ensure that ads which may violate our policies do not run prior to review, some ads may run on Google before our AdWords Specialists check them (which is what happened in your case for a few days). To assist in the process of removing ads that are in violation of our unapproved pharmaceuticals products policy, please fill out our ads complaint form here.
My apologies for any inconvenience but thank you for your understanding. Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Chris W.
The Google AdWords Team



I say we fill out the complaint form telling GOOGLE to shove it up their wazoo!  If you want to see ear candles available online, you really need to click on that link above and make a complaint against Google.

I’m stomping off now to start an avalanche of complaints!


Rumor has it. . .

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I just got wind of an UNCONFIRMED bit of information. Several small family ear candles businesses are merging into ONE BIG EAR CANDLE COMPANY.

Why is this good news? Well the Ear Candle Lady knows most of the owners of these smaller companies. If they merge, I would assume the quality, speed and customer service will remain in tact. That’s a good thing these days when so many businesses are closing due to the economy.

They MIGHT, however choose to raise prices to cover the cost of the merger. SOOOO, it’s my suggestion you get over to the “alleged” small businesses and purchase you ear candles ASAP before prices go up!!!

Rumored business include (not limited to, however): Missouri Scents, Amish Ear Candles, ZZ Ear Candles and Jamesport Candles (they don’t have a website). I’ll post more info as I hear about it.

In the mean time, you should go and purchase quickly before prices go up!!!


Farewell To An Elect Lady

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The ear candle lady has been occupied these last two months caring for a truly elect lady. She passed this weekend and we will miss her terribly. She was one of the greatest inspirations to me and my family.

Although this post is not about ear candling, it is about honesty, integrity and true unconditional love for humanity. That was my mom.

She loved alternative therapies, including ear candling. She chose to let nature work it’s ways within her body, eventually cancer claimed her, BUT her life during the “waiting period” was full and productive. She didn’t elect to poison herself, rather she elected to do what she wanted, when she wanted and enjoyed the world up to the end.

It is a sad passing, I will miss her, and so will those who knew her. Call your mom today and tell her you love her.


Dear Kate:

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Kate wrote me and wanted to know why I think ear wax and allergies are related. I don’t. I think allergies, their symptoms and THE EAR are related. She wanted me to provide her a link to another of my blog posts (which would otherwise require her to “dig”.). Kate was doing research on debunking ear candling, happened upon my blog and wanted answers. She wrote me that “in this day and age she shouldn’t have to dig” to find answers to her questions. Isn’t that what “research” is all about?

Dear Kate: Hummm. . . I think you should keep digging. I dug for my results, doctors and scientists dig for theirs too. When you discover your answers you’ll have earned the right to say something.

For the rest of you, I’m not a doctor so it would be totally illegal for me to post anything that would presume to “treat, diagnose or prescribe” medical issues.

That’s where Kate is coming from. She wants me to say that ear candling is a MEDICAL TREATMENT. It’s not. Massage Therapy also is NOT a medical treatment yet there are several benefits derived from it that the medical professionals can’t explain. The only legal statement that a Massage Therapist can make about Massage Therapy is: “Massage increases circulation.”

Ok, Ear Candling is relaxing. There I’ve said it!

Keep digging Kate. . .


A Christmas Wish

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Bless Us All Lyrics



Where does the time go?

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Not only did I miss the entire month of November, but now December is well underway and I have ignored the ear candling world! Now that I have and ear ache, I am reminded that I have missed taking care of myself as well.

The Ear Candle Lady is going to take advantage of some gift giving and use the gift set I received for some good ole’ relaxation and candling.

I’ll be using the winter months to get my website updated and hopefully get the practitioners page up.

In the mean time, treat yourself to some well deserved relaxation (STRESS REDUCTION) from all that Christmas Shopping and go get your ears candled.

Check my “Where to Buy Ear Candles” link for great specials if you are going to do it yourself!


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