Is That a Bee in my Wax?

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There has been considerable debate on the type of wax to use in ear candles to promote the “best” ear candling experience.

Universally, Beeswax is considered the best in the industry. The Ear Candle Lady agrees. It’s my personal favorite.

However, even with beeswax there are several different “grades” which can change the price and availability of beeswax ear candles.

Those who believe in the purest form of anything tend to gravitate to terms like “filtered” or better, “Triple Filtered”! This type of beeswax is run though several filters to remove the naturally ocuring materials (such as bee parts), it’s usually pale yellow, sometimes even white and is billed as the purest form. Unfortunately, filtered wax, especially the “triple filtered”, has had chemical alterations to actually “bleach” it. It looses it’s fragrant honey aroma and has a bit of a medicinal smell to it.

Pure, in this case, is not what I consider pure. The Ear Candle Lady is happy to see bees in my wax because I know the wax has been unaltered. I’m actually relieved to see a more natural & “pure” look to ear candles than to see the pristine, sanitized, medical device looks which the major companies work so hard to acheive (and charge you for).

Some call true pure & natural ear candles: “scruffy” or “rustic”.

When unfiltered wax is used in ear candling, it makes them more cost effective, durable, they smell GREAT and it keeps less chemicals out of the candle. That translates to less chemicals entering your body when you ear candle.

Triple Filtered is a marketing term to make the consumer believe they are somehow getting more for their money when actually, they are getting less “natural” and more chemically refined candles.

Do you have to look for unfiltered wax when you buy ear candles? No. But “triple filtered” is a sure bet there’s chemicals or bleach added. You have to decide what “Pure” means to you.

The important thing about BEESWAX ear candles is to make sure you are buying 100% Beeswax. If you are going to pay the higher price for Beeswax be aware that a candle can be called BEESWAX if it has 55% beeswax. Many beeswax candles have paraffin added and the companies don’t tell you. 100% Beeswax should be just that; 100%.

Since there is no regulation in the ear candle industry, you have to have trust in your ear candle company that they are being truthful about their beeswax. The companies I have recomended on my website who advertise 100% Beeswax do indeed sell 100% Beeswax.

They also sell Beeswax Blend, which will have a mixture of either soy, paraffin, or palm wax mixed with the Beeswax.

You can check out my website for more details on the different types of wax, but until then, if you get a bee in your wax, don’t worry. It’s all good!


Ear Candle PHD?

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The Ear Candle Lady is constantly amazed at what lengths companies will go to manipulate the consumer.  I spend a lot of time online reading the information put out by so called “professionals” –even those with PHD’s in Ear Candling. [ btw, you can't get a phd in ear candling. You can get a Phd from Clayton College in Natural Health, however.]

I really have reservations with websites who use sex to sell ear candles and then write dissertations on why certain ear candle waxes are bad, while waving a PHD as their basis for knowledge on the subject.

The particular website I’m referring to is run by “Doc” who shows more cleavage than wisdom and since they only sell paraffin ear candles; “Doc” has written pages of “intellectual”, non-consumer friendly verbiage to discredit beeswax and soy wax.

To me, “Doc’s” hype is no different than the skeptic, who I mentioned in an earlier post, who tried to prove his skepticism re: ear candles, by writing how ear candles KILLED 2 people! Oh. . .My. . . Heck! [If you didn't read the earlier post: "Death By Ear Candling" check it out below.]

Just so you know, from my 20+ years of totally non-PHD experience: Paraffin is the cheapest way to make an ear candle.  Beeswax is the best and Soy is an affordable alternative to beeswax and is usually mixed with beeswax to perform better.

I don’t sell anything on my website, so my opinions on wax are not designed to manipulate you on purchasing what I (don’t) sell. If you want to learn more about the different kinds of wax used in ear candles, go to my website at www.earcandlelady.com. Follow the links and read up. Then make your OWN EDUCATED DECISION based on unbiased information.

You’ll love your ear candling experience when you are in control!

Knowledge is Power.

Have a great week everyone!


Death By Ear Candling Pt 2

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Ear Candles are not dangerous!

I’ve received a lot of emails from folks snickering at the “Death By Ear Candling” post I did a few days ago.

Kudos to you for using your brains! Ear Candles are only dangerous if uneducated, misinformed or non attentive people use them. Sorta like using the newspaper cones I’ve posted on my website at http://www.earcandlelady.com.

If you don’t spend time LEARNING how to do this, you very well may set your house on fire and die. Of course it might be while you’re on your back porch grilling, lighting birthday candles, using a lit match to scrape out ear wax, etc.

Cold and flu season is coming with the advent of “Back to School” so don’t forget to get your ears candled NOW.   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of wax! LOL


What was that ear candle made of?

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It’s not often I post twice in one day, but the Ear Candle Lady has had time off from the garden to do some reading.  While researching candle companies I came across this bit from White Egret.  Seems they and VitaminLife.com can’t decide if their SOY ear candles are PARAFFIN or SOY.  Read below and see what I’m talking about. . . .


Ear Candle- Soy

At White Egret, we offer the highest quality candles and accessories to ensure each candling session is peaceful and enjoyable. All of our candles are made using strict quality standards, the highest quality essential oils and ingredients, and the highest quality cloths and food grade paraffin, beeswax or soy waxes.

Soy—this scented candle is one of the top-selling scented candles we offer. This scent is used in spas to help relieve tension to create a refreshing and tranquil candling experience.* Made with paraffin.

Ingredients: 100% cotton muslin cloth and soy wax.


No wonder they get in trouble with the FDA over their ear candle marketing.  In all fairness though, White Egret has been the FDA “scape goat” since the 90′s when  Big Pharma raged their vendetta against ear candles.

Be sure to check your product descriptions BEFORE you buy!  If you want to know more about SOY EAR CANDLES, then please visit my website at EAR CANDLE LADY.com

PROPER Ear Candle Supplies

Ear Candle Safely with instructions at www.EarCandleLady.com

Death By Ear Candling

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The Ear Candle Lady just HAS to say something about a recent “skeptic” blog she read this week. Among the list of reasons NOT to ear candle, the blog stated that EAR CANDLES RESULT IN DEATH!

Death by Ear Candling? OH MY! How might this be? What horror and pain did these people go through while experiencing death by an ear candle?

One of the people who died by ear candling was a nurse. . . .

Of course the blog mentions only 2 people in a 25 year period, who managed to set fire to their homes. I don’t think the ear candles killed them any more than a lit match kills anyone.

The article fails to mention how many thousands die each year from house fires, cigarettes, electrical malfunctions etc.

Bottom line: skeptics are skeptics ALL the time. Unfortunately, they pride themselves for their bitter outlook on life. I wouldn’t trust the opinion of a skeptic if the sky WAS actually falling! lol

Rest easy folks, while I have great sympathy for anyone who suffers an injury (or even death) from ear candling, I know that 99% of it was caused by NOT following proper ear candling procedures.

Do yourselves a favor. Check out my ear candling instructions on my website and save yourself from DEATH BY EAR CANDLING!



4 Types of Ear Candles?

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Did you know that there are actually 4 types of ear candles actively used today? PARAFFIN, BEESWAX, SOY and . . .wait for it. . . NEWSPAPER CONES! I’ve written about them on my webpage “Do Ear Candles Work?” at www.earcandlelady.com and there’s also a link on the left side below that one “Buy Ear Candles” that has the information too.

Bulk Paraffin Ear Candles

4 types of ear candles?

Does the Ear Candle Lady sell Ear Candles?

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There’s been a lot of emails lately asking where MY ear candles are. I retired about 3 years ago. There are many companies online now that sell good ear candles, so why should I do it?

I’m content to give out information and hopefully guide newcomers especially to the wonderful world of ear candling. I spent years at craft fairs, expos, trade shows and the like selling ear candles, oils, and just about anything alternative therapy. Now, blogs, ebooks and retirement fit my lifestyle.

That being said, I DO know what a good ear candle is. I DO know how much marketing hype is out there and I DO know how the customer can be scammed by the “fear factor” in sales.

I came from a sales background and I know all the tricks. That’s what I want to pass on to others so they don’t get wrapped up in “fear” before they buy. Nuff said.

So, I still make ear candles for my family, when I want to. Otherwise I just tell them what online stores I think have the best deals and good customer service.

Thanks for asking. . . .


The “Free Shipping” Scam

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I’ve read a lot of comments on various forums about  free shipping “scams” and “ripping off John Q Public”, so I thought I might take a minute to break down “free shipping” for the casual ear candler.

Some ear candle websites use the phrase “Shipping Included”.  Another website warns you that “other” companies ‘say their shipping is free when they just increase the cost of the candles to cover shipping’. Both of these comments ARE EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

Both companies can state they offer “free shipping” because the shipping charge column is empty at checkout.   Sadly, both companies require you to purchase a MINIMUM number of candles at a higher price than other less advertised companies (start comparing prices, folks) so they can absorb the cost of shipping!

Look at the facts:  Most ear candle companies ship Priority Mail through the US Postal Service.  The very MINIMUM charge for the smallest most lightweight package is $5.05.   Parcel post is actually higher, and UPS handles heavy packages (which ear candles are not).

So, if you were to be allowed to order 1 or 2 ear candles from the ear candle companies I mentioned above,  they would be paying the post office to give you an ear candle – if they actually were offering “FREE SHIPPING”.

The only real “free shipping” offer comes from companies who offer free shipping after a minimum DOLLAR purchase.  Not quantity or  item purchase, but the dollar amount you spend with the company.  These are legit companies who know the customer needs a break.  They actually do absorb the cost of shipping without inflating prices for smaller orders.

So, off topic just a bit.  Many of you ask why shipping so so expensive.

Like I mentioned above, the smallest most lightweight package (1-4 candles) shipped Priority Mail, which you receive in 2-3 days, costs $5.05 and it goes way up from there.   The average minimum shipping charge with most ear candle companies is $7.98 .  Customers don’t account for the cost of the shipping labels, packing paper, peanuts, printer and ink, packing tape and the labor cost for the shipping personel.  That’s where the other few dollars go.

So, is a flat rate shipping charge “fair”? YES!  Of course the more you order the less you pay per ear candle.

So why don’t I just buy them at the store instead of online? Because you pay the retailer for HIS cost of the candle, cost of shipping and up to a 300% mark up!!  Buying candles online isn’t the quickest, but they are delivered to your door.

I’m getting off my soap box now.  Have a great evening everyone~


Ear Candle Quiz!

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Find out if you are a candidate for ear candling!  Go to my EAR CANDLE QUIZ .  Answer the yes or no questions and it will tell you if you will have a successful ear candling experience.  Of course it still depends on who does the ear candling!  LOL

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