Ear Candles and Q-Tips

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Have you heard that Ear Candles and Q-tips. . .opps I mean “cotton swabs” are the most dangerous personal hygene items on the market today?  Did you ever wonder why q-tips are also called “cotton swabs”?  Have you heard the phrase “never stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow”?

What do YOU do with a “cotton swab”?  I use them daily. . . IN MY EAR!  OMGosh!!!  I should be arrested for using the “cotton swab” for what it was originaly designed to do; swab out the ear canal.

I use ear candles as well because they leave me feeling balanced, clear in the head and it just plain FEELS GOOD!  I don’t get that much satisfaction from a “cotton swab”.

Of course there are those who don’t use common sense  (like the lady in the McDonalds drive-thru who spilled her daily coffee in her lap and then sued Micky D’s because they didn’t warn her it was hot) or read instructions (which is why Micky D’s now puts warning labels on their coffee cups).  These people naturally have no business ear candling OR using Q-tips.

Years ago, Q-tips were endorsed for swabbing out the ear canal.  Gentley swabbing.  Then, some lady went through the McDonalds drive thru with a q-tip stuck in her ear and smashed it into her ear because she forgot to roll down the window while retreving her order!  So now, all Q-tip packages have been renamed “cotton swabs” and have warning lables on them to NEVER insert them in your ear.  Yet, we ALL know what to do with a “cotton swab”, right?  Ok, the story isn’t exactly true, but there was a lawsuit because someone decided they didn’t have to exercise responsibility for themselves and punctured their ear drum with a “cotton swab”.

In order for the “cotton swab” industry to save face and continue to manufacture their GOOD product, they had to put that silly warning label on.

Q-tips are great except when they are abused.  Ear Candles are great plus a good ear candling session will leave you feeling “new and improved” as long as they too, are not abused.

So why should the FDA control our right to insert something smaller than our elbows in our ears?  The FDA doesn’t control “Cotton Swabs” because they are not a medical device.  Q-tips are personal hygene products and I propose Ear Candles are the same thing.

What do you think?


Why Ear Candles Work –Reason #1

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There’s a long list of reasons why ear candles work and an even longer list from skeptics on why they don’t.  Scientific method wants to prove ear candles work while wellness gurus just know. Big Pharma hopes it’s all a scam because ear candles seriously cut into their profits.  Can’t you take a pill for excessive ear wax build up. . .yet?

There are plenty of books out about ear candling.  None of them offer scientific proof, but they do offer the single most important reason on why ear candles work.  But, because there is no scientific method used to offer conclusions, many doctors (and those paid by big pharma) refuse to accept the facts.

I’m reminded of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  They tell story after story of  people who were shocked by the insensitivity of  physicians when being told they were going to die of cancer.  Then they contacted the Cancer Treatement Centers of America and through a serices of NON-TRADITIONAL therapies these hospice bound victims rose to become survivors.

So, you might be asking yourself what makes “thinking outside the box” better than just believing your doctor?  And what does all this have to do with ear candling?  (BTW, they do not use ear candling at the Cancer centers and ear candles do not cure cancer). Each person in that center does ONE THING to change the outcome.  They took responsibility for their own welbeing instead of accepting the doctor’s opinion!

Ear Candles work for those who are willing to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.  That does not mean doctors are not valuable for our healthcare.  Those who step up and take responsibility also own the right to determine if something works or not.

Imagine for a moment that you had your mother following you around until you are 60 (or she dies) telling you what to do every moment of every day.  You would never have to think for yourself, decide what to eat, how much exercise is right, or if you need motrin or asprin for your aches and pains.  She would be there telling you and you could blame her for everything that went wrong.

That’s what our society is like now regarding big pharma and doctors.  We have them following us around every day on tv, internet, phone and radio shoving pills down us and telling us we’re sick when we really aren’t.   Did you know that the average physician now spends more time speaking with the pharmaceutical reps that with patients?!?!?!  Ever noticed those suits in the waiting room adorned by a briefcase (loaded with samples and contracts) that always seem to get in before you do?

So, back to responsibility.  It’s a new word for some folks.  It’s a word that EMPOWERS!  Ear Candles work because those who use them successfully have already taken the 1st step towards empowerment — responsibility.

Want to find out if you are a candidate for ear candling?  Then take the quiz .  Then DO IT!

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