Does Size Matter?

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The Ear Candle Lady has had a few emails since my last post complaining that companies are selling shorter candles.  Have you looked at a Pringles can lately?  I’m not sure if it’s for economic purposes (like Pringles), but I will state my opinions here.

NO. . . ear candle size doesn’t matter!

What you need to look for in a good ear candle is the burn time.  HOW LONG DOES THE CANDLE BURN? You also need to ask the company if the “burn time” they advertise is from the top of the candle to the tip of the candle.  Why?  Because you will NOT burn the candle all the way to the tip.  The tip is IN your ear and that. . .ahem, would HURT!  LOL

An ear candle is usually burned down about 3/4 ths of its length.   The remaining 4th is the part closest to your head.  It’s too dangerous to burn an ear candle any further which is also why the Ear Candle Lady rolls her eyes at anyone who doesn’t use a PLATE when ear candling.

So, what makes an ear candle burn longer?

Well, the length of  fabric used for starters.  You can use the same length of fabric to wrap a 12 inch candle as you do an 8 inch candle.   In fact most companies who sell 11-15 inch ear candles use 38″ (inches) of fabric cut anywhere from 3/4 to -1 1/4 inches wide.  Those who sell 8-10 inch candles use the same sizing!

Wax will also make a small difference in burn time.  Take a look here for more info on the different kinds of wax.


Ear Candle & Vertigo Rant!

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I recently discovered first hand what VERTIGO is.  Wouldn’t wish that on an amoeba .  Went to the hospital and paid $360 for them to tell me there was nothing they could do except give me some drugs for the nausea (Like I was expecting something miraculous from them in the first place).

Waited the weekend  to see if it would just go away–throwing up and needing someone to help me get up from the bed. . . .

Went to the chiropractor on Monday.  He told me [THE EAR CANDLE LADY] I should get some ear candles!

DUH. . .

I would have rolled my eyes at him, but they were already doing that.

Interesting thing, VERTIGO.  Horrible thing too, however, the Ear Candle Lady has learned something from the experience.  Apparently, the same uric acid that causes gout is also inside the ear.  It crystallizes in the inner ear and contributes to our ability to maintain balance.  Once in awhile these crystals break off and “muck up the works”.  When it’s “VERTIGO” these crystals put pressure on the nerves in the inner ear,  disabling the eyes to focus on one point (to maintain balance) and viola’: you are now watching and reeling in an earthquake that doesn’t exist, while riding on a never ending “Tilt-a-Whirl”.  Your stomach is revolting and spewing anything it can to rid itself of the imbalance and all you can do is lie there hoping for an early end to life.

Well, I learned what Vertigo IS and how it can destroy your life.  I learned how simple it is to fix AND  I found out FIRST HAND that doctors & hospitals don’t (or maybe won’t) use the SIMPLISTIC methods available to remedy this debilitating ailment.  Do your homework and MAINTAIN your wellness before this strikes you.

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Winter, Flu and Ear Oil

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WASH YOUR HANDS!  That’s really the news for this month.

I just heard that my grand kid’s school will be closing because so many kids have the flu!  The news reported 47 states have epidemic proportions of flu going around and a shortage of shots.

The Ear Candle Lady would like to voice her opinion on the flu shot, but I’m a lady and won’t say what I really want to say about that hoax. . . .

WASH YOUR HANDS, Don’t go out unless you have to, get a good, old fashioned ear candling done and homemade chicken soup (with lots of garlic) in your tummy!

Garlic did you say?  YES!  If you don’t know by now, garlic is the BEST medicine for all that winter cold and flu.  Tons of garlic.  So what if your breath stinks, it would be bad if you have a cold or flu!  Find every way you can to get garlic into your system.

So what has garlic got to do with ear oil?  Any ear oil worth it’s weight has garlic in it!  When ear oil is used properly after a great ear candling session, it enhances your ability to heal yourself and absorb beneficial garlic into your system.

HOW DO I USE EAR OIL?  After you ear candle, DO NOT PUT EAR OIL DROPS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Place 3 drops of ear oil on a cotton ball (if your ears are small use a piece of  the cotton ball) and place the cotton ball in your ear.  Leave in for at least an hour.  The Ear Candle Lady likes to put it in right before bedtime and leave them in overnight, but that’s just me.

When done this way, your body absorbs the oils it needs and the rest stays on the cotton ball.  You won’t have ear oil clogging your ear!

Winter Cold & Flu Time

If you have an ear ache (and your ear drum has not ruptured) you can do the same thing sans ear candling, and the properties in the oil will soothe the ear spasms causing the pain.  Warmth to the ear after you put the cotton ball in enhances the pain relief.

Keep those hands clean and make time for some relaxing ear candling.  You can get ear candles and ear oil by looking at my RECOMMENDED EAR CANDLE COMPANIES


Ear Candles Don’t Suck But THIS Does! FDA Approval #2

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Remember when all the skeptics said that it was IMPOSSIBLE for an ear candle to suck wax out of the ear?  Then the medical “professionals” declared “EAR CANDLES ARE A SCAM!”

Remember when the medical “professionals” and the FDA said in order for a vacuum to actually pull wax out of the ear it would have to be so intense that it would cause damage to the ear drum? Once again, Ear Candles were put to shame because we actually thought they weren’t harmful.

Shame on us because the picture BELOW is the only “APPROVED” way to suck wax out of your ear. . . .even though the medical profession has already stated that kind of suction would damage the ear drum.

Remember, you saw it here FIRST!  LOL  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Ear Candles Don't Suck But THIS Does!

I guess it’s the amount you $$ PAY $$  that determines if the treatment is “Approved” or not.  Sure seems the Doctors are making a fortune on something you can do at home with a lot less stress.

Pass this on to all your ear candling friends and supporters!

Don’t forget to order ear candles for Fall allergy season.  Ragweed is wayyyy up! Order from your favorite companies by clicking here


Woman Finds Spider in Her Ear

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While gathering the pictures of “approved” ear debris removal devices, I came across this article today on Yahoo.Dry weather causes spiders to find new home. .  .

Yup!  It’s a SPIDER inside the ear canal.

Now, this woman complained of itching in her ear and went to the doctor.  He then used irrigation to flush out the spider.  It was successful, that’s good.

Had this happened in the USA, she would have been charged around $300 for that “treatment”. . . maybe more.

Ear Candling would have done the same thing for around $5 and the smoke from the candle would have disabled the spider.

Should I mention how much more relaxing ear candling is over driving to the hospital, sitting in the ER, waiting for the scans, waiting for the doctor to show up, filling out forms, making the co-pay, enduring cold water blasting inside your ear, (I’m sure they took blood and did a lot of other tests), coming back for a follow-up visit to make sure the spider didn’t have babies in her ear, etc. . . .

Live Science & CNN reports that with our heat and drought conditions bugs are in abundant supply this year.


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“Approved” Ear Wax Removal?

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Watch for my upcoming post on what the FDA and the American Medical Association APPROVE as ear wax removal treatments.  OMGOODNESS!  You will be totally shocked what I found.

Stay tuned. . . .

The Ear Candle Lady


Allergies, Ear Candles and the FDA

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I realized that I shouldn’t rant so much about the FDA, but darn it!  It’s sooooo much fun!

The Ear Candle Lady has been watching commercials on TV from the FDA approved drugs to stop our allergy symptoms.  Then, as most of you already know, the remaining 10 seconds of the 15 second commercial spot is spent talking about side effects and dangers of the drug they are trying to sell you.

Are we that desensitized as consumers?

Cows to the slaughter. . .

I’d much rather go have a great massage, add on a session of ear candling and either slip in a pedicure or go have lunch than go to the Dr’s office, wait for up to an hour (while all the drug reps get to see the doctor ahead of me), sitting next to everyone who’s SICK and passing their germs– JUST to get a prescription for drugs that offer more side effects than relief!

Then I have to take the RX, fight traffic, go to Walgreens, wait for them to fill it, charge me my co-pay, drive home, take the darn thing and wait for it to hopefully work!

I need a massage just thinking about it. . . .

So, some of the science of ear candling includes massage therapy.  The body is more prepared to do what it was DESIGNED to do when we are less stressed. 

Did you know that 80% of disease is stress related?  Massage and a good ear candling session reduce stress.   You do the math. 

I’m totally amazed that we allow ourselves to be herded around by the FDA; who isn’t in it for our welfare, they are lining their pockets from “fast track fees” from Big Pharma.

Bottom line:  You’ll have more fun abating your allergy symptoms with a good massage and ear candle session than using the side effect laden drugs the Doctor prescribes. If you get to lower your stress levels at the same time, you probably won’t catch that Fall cold (since you didn’t wait in the Dr’s office next to all the sick people).

Just sayin. . . .


Death By Ear Candling Pt 2

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Ear Candles are not dangerous!

I’ve received a lot of emails from folks snickering at the “Death By Ear Candling” post I did a few days ago.

Kudos to you for using your brains! Ear Candles are only dangerous if uneducated, misinformed or non attentive people use them. Sorta like using the newspaper cones I’ve posted on my website at http://www.earcandlelady.com.

If you don’t spend time LEARNING how to do this, you very well may set your house on fire and die. Of course it might be while you’re on your back porch grilling, lighting birthday candles, using a lit match to scrape out ear wax, etc.

Cold and flu season is coming with the advent of “Back to School” so don’t forget to get your ears candled NOW.   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of wax! LOL


The Ear Candle Experiment!

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Skeptics are in abundance and excitedly share, via the internet, their own unique experiment to prove the ear candle is a scam.

Here’s their UNIQUE experiment:  They take an ear candle and set it inside a [fill in the blank] and let it burn just like they do in the ear. AMAZINGLY the end result is similar (although not exact) to the one they burned in their ear.

The Ear Candle Lady would like to point out some obvious “ah-haaa” moments regarding their unique revelations to mankind:

NUMBER ONE: The “ah-haa” skeptic who thought this “experiment” up (they all think their idea has NEVER been tried) used paraffin ear candles which almost always drip into the tip of the candle regardless of where the candle is burned.

NUMBER TWO: They are all under the assumption that ear candles suck wax out of the ear.   See my other posts here:THE SCIENCE OF EAR CANDLES .  My dad taught me that when we “assume” anything  we make an “ASS of U and ME” .

NUMBER THREE: Never in any ear candling experiment report from Doctors, Scientists, all around skeptics or the DYI investigator have I seen or heard any of them allow for the pressure and oxygen transfer in the ear canal while a person BREATHES!  Layman’s terms:  Have you ever had your ears “pop”?  Ever blown you nose too hard and your ears hurt or “popped”?   A person being ear candled BREATHES the entire time; changing the pressure in the canal and allowing oxygen (or even smoke) to make it’s way inside.

NUMBER FOUR: Our skin breathes. The cereal box or Barbie doll the skeptic did his experiment in doesn’t.  We know that a huge amount of  oxygen and body pollution transfer through the skin.  I learned this in elementary school! Last time I checked, the outside ear and ear canal were covered with skin.  Anyone want to argue that?

I learned in sales (a very long time ago) that some people are miserable and sad.  They were that way 5 minutes before they met you and they will be that way for the rest of their lives.  My challenge to the skeptics is to replicate the ear in it’s entirety and then do your unique experiment while including all the variables.  Maybe then I might say; “Thanks for sharing.”

Ear Candles work, we just don’t have a “scientific” explanation for why. . .then again do we really want them to explain it like they explain Topamax and breast implants ?


Science and Ear Candles

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Scientific method has not been able to prove that ear candles work.  This is true.  Of course they have been trying to prove that ear candles suck wax out of your ears.  Well, no wonder they haven’t been able to prove anything!

Years ago, most people doing or teaching the art of ear candling understood that all the gunk left in the bottom of the candle was from their ear.  Others went so far as to “read the tea leaves” of the residue inside the candle and diagnose health issues such as yeast over growth, cancer, high cholestrol etc.  Wow!  China and India now produce a NAVEL candle to insert. . .well you know.

I don’t subscribe to navel candles.  I think that’s carrying on the snake oil propaganda.  It dosen’t matter how great something really is in the beginning, there will always be people who abuse it to make a profit.

That’s what happened to ear candles.  A few greedy profit mongers started making claims that ear candles could cure almost anything.  They sold FEAR.  People bought it because that’s what the pharmaceutical companies sell on TV every day. We’re conditioned to believe all the  hype that we’ll “catch it too” if we don’t go see our doctor and get a pill.  Likewise, misinformed or greedy ear candle practioners said if you “don’t get ear candled every month, you’ll never get better.”.

After a while someone said, “Hey! I burned a candle in my Barbie doll’s ear and the candle looked just the same.  This is a fake!  A scam!  I’m telling!!  Mommy. . .”

Then, BAM!  Ear Candles no longer were a healthy and gentle alternative to ear irrigation, ear pick, or surgery; methods a doctor would normally prescribe.  Ear Candles  were labeled a “scam” because a few people wanted profit over truth.

I don’t have to have “proof” from science or the FDA (don’t even get me started on the FDA mistakes) to know they work.  I have earned the right to tell people ear candling works because I take responsibility for my own health and well being.

Because of years of ear candling, I saw my own children NOT have to go to the doctor’s office for ear infections and sinus problems.

I witnessed a plug of wax come out of my daughter’s ear when I was first learning how to candle.  She felt it loosen and it was stuck to the tip of the candle.  She could hear out of that ear again, where before, her hearing was muffled and we were debating on going to get her ears irrigated ( a very painful and nerve wracking treatment btw).

I’ve sent countless numbers of ear candles to members of the military because they swear that ear candling is the only relief they get from the sand and noise pollution surrounding them during their deployment.

I’ve seen bugs stuck to the ear candles after a session.  I’ve watched very happy people leave my office after ear candling because they feel good.  I even had a client who drove over 800 miles twice a year to see me because ear candling was the ONLY thing that helped his tinnitus (chronic ringing in the ears).  BTW, his doctor told him to as they had exhausted all other treatments.

My own D.O. referred clients who were unsuccessful in RX treatments for wax build up, ringing in the ears, and stress.  His patients (my clients) were much happier with the gentle treatment that ear candling offered as well as the results they enjoyed.

So, how do ear candles work?  Science and PMA (positive mental attitude) are like water and oil;  they don’t mix.   The proof is with the believer.  A  responsible believer who understands that a pill, a shot, a visit to the hospital or doctor dosen’t always give the desired results.

You can wait until you’ve spent hundred at the Dr’s office , exhausted all the treatments available and then decide that ear candling might benefit you, or you can try it first and then spend your copay at  the Doctor’s if you don’t get the desired results.

That’s the science of Ear Candling.

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