Great Deals on Ear Candles this week!

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Visit these sites to get great deals on Ear Candles, Ear Candling Head Drapes, Ear Oil and Starter kits.  Google may have the upper hand in removing ads, but these companies will continue to make great products and offer good customer service!




And for Kinga in the UK, here’s her website offering Hopi ear candles. http://www.hopicandles4u.com

Google won’t stop ear candle companies from selling ear candles!  We will prevail!  Check here for great deals on ear candles this week!


Summer Ear Candles !!! Yipee!

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It’s just that time of year when people are on vacation and the last thing they are thinking about is lighting up a candle and sticking in their ear!

Ear Candles are on sale every where!

Don't let the heat get in the way of ear candling benefits!

Too bad, cause this time of year is when the best sales are on!  So even if you don’t want to ear candle right now, stock up at your favorite ear candle site.  They’re ALL desperate for your business.

EarCandleSale.com is offering to DOUBLE your order of 400 or more so the cost is about 45 cents per candle!  WOW, that’s a good deal for USA made candles.

CheapEarCandles.com is throwing in an extra 20% with each order over 50 ear candles.

Amish Ear Candles.com is doing their yearly B.O.G.O. sale.  Buy one get on free on all types of ear candles.  100% Beeswax, Soy blend and Paraffin.  No minimum purchase, but there is a limit of 50 ear candles on the B.O.G.O.  So, if you order 5o you’ll get 100.  Great deal for customers who want smaller orders.

EarCandles.net is doing a flat rate of 70 cents per candle.  They only offer the soy blend though.

Lynn’s Corner has a bunch of stuff on sale, but the site so soooo confusing it’s hard to tell if you’re getting a deal or not.  Personally, I don’t want to spend that much time trying to figure it out. Maybe you’ll do better . . . .

I checked on Amazon.com and found a good selection of ear candles, but the prices. . . not worth going there.  You’ll pay more for a lot of packaging that goes in the recycle bin or the trash.

The Ear Candle Lady is going to be gardening this week.  My favorite time of year!  HOWEVER, don’t let the heat keep you from the benefits of ear candling.

I’ve heard many, many times from Military personnel how much ear candling helps with the sand and debris that gets caught up in their ears!  If you’re at the beach or tilling the dirt, don’t forget to candle this week!

All that sun and heat can wear down your immunity if you don’t keep yourself hydrated and slathered in SPF.  A good ear candling session keeps you relaxed, cleared and the stress reduction alone keeps you healthier!

If you go to a salon to get ear candled, make sure you get a REFLEXOLOGY session along with it.  Head to toe rejuvenation.  Hummm, maybe I’ll garden later, and get my massage instead!

Have a wonderful week!


Warm Weather Ear Candling

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4 packs for $5.25

Just a quick tip on candling during the Summer months or warm weather locations. When you get your ear candles home (or the post office leaves them at your door) make sure you put your package in the fridge for around 15-20 minutes BEFORE you open the package. This way the candles can cool and reset before you pick them up.

Oh, before I forget: I’ve mentioned this site before, but it bears mention again. CheapEarCandles.com . They carry 4 packs of premium quality paraffin ear candles for $5.25 each. If you need bulk ear candles you can get them as low as $.59 cents. I’ve ordered these candles before and they are very good.

I remember one fella who called a while back about his ear candles which the post office left on his porch. He’d gone out of town for the weekend and the package was outside, in the Florida heat, for 4 days. When he opened the box, his candles were a puddled mess of fabric strips and wax! This guy wanted to know if there was anyway to fix the candles. Sorry, but at that point it’s no use. The company wasn’t responsible for his “vacation” and he wasn’t responsible for what the post office did, HOWEVER, if he had purchased insurance on his package, the post office would have issued him a refund. Funny how that works. . . .

I also know of a Spa in Cancun that keeps their ear candles in the fridge year round.  They report the customers love the “coolness” of the candle during the heat of the day.

If you’re nervous about refrigerating your ear candles (in case someone mistakes them for cheese sticks-lol) just leave your package in the air conditioning for about 1/2 hour to cool before opening the box.

Paraffin candles hold up a little better in the heat than beeswax or soy, btw.

Remember to check out CheapEarCandles.com or go to my recommended company page to find other businesses that offer quality products, fast shipping and great prices.

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September Ear Candle Deals!

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Missouri Scents has a good deal right now.  If you want to try out ALL the different kinds of ear candles (Beeswax, Paraffin and Soy blend) you can order a  “Best of Missouri Sample Pack” for under $20!

The sample pack also includes your choice of a FREE ear oil or a  $15.00 fragrance oil.  I haven’t tried their fragrance oils, but I do know they are synthetic not essential oils.  HOWEVER, they are SUPER CONCENTRATED according to their webpage, so a little goes a long way.

Considering the national health food chains sell 2 ear candles for $12 this is a great deal right now.  You’re getting  12 ear candles PLUS an ear oil for less than the cost of 4 ear candles at places like GNC.

As always I’ll keep looking for and posting good deals on ear candles from GOOD suppliers.

Have a great weekend!


Back to School

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Back to school means back to sick kids, ear infections, grimy hands, snotty noses etc.  Get a jump on the germfest by getting your whole family ear candled soon!

It’s also a GREAT idea to start some mega dosing of Vitamin C.  Both these avenues will help keep you and your family OUT OF THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE.

Most of the ear candle companies online still have sales, so now’s the time to stock up.

Check out  Amish Ear Candles.  If you use their promo code during check out, they will DOUBLE your order regardless of what kind of ear candle you buy.


OH! MY! New Ear Candle Website

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I just got my hands on the ear candles from this new website. I LIKE THEM! They’re affordable, good quality and ship fast.

DEEP DISCOUNTS for families and they DOUBLE ORDERS OVER 50 ear candles depending on the type you order.

Go get em!

According to their moniker, “Everyday is a sale day”. www.EarCandleSale.com

Everyday is an ear candle sale here.

Everyday is an ear candle sale here.



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If you are treating yourself well, then you know you need to candle your ears 2-3 times per year to AVOID problems and then having to go see the doctor.

Ear Candles should be used for maintenance rather than “repair”.  Do yourself a favor this month and try to fit in a candling session for you and your family.

Not only will it help keep you out of the Dr’s office, but most ear candle companies are selling their products at deep discounts.  July and October are the slowest months for ear candle companies btw. . . (don’t tell them I told you that!).

Here’s a few links to get super discounts and don’t require a minimum purchase:

www.CheapEarCandles.com They sell 86 cent paraffin ear candles and give you 10 more free with a 5o count order!

www.MissouriScents.com Currently they have a “grab bag” of assorted ear candles (paraffin, 100% beeswax or soy) for $.89 cents each.  You can order as many as you want. There is NO MINIMUM purchase.

www.EarCandles.net is selling their “ugly duckling” (seconds) ear candles until sold out.

www.ColonialEarCandles.net has some pretty good prices in general (no sales currently), but they do require a minimum purchase.  Nice candles though.

Well I’m back to catching up on my reading, gardening, and general summer bliss.

Happy Summer to everyone!



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www.AmishEarCandles.com has a “Grab Bag” of assorted ear candles on sale for $.89 cents each. You don’t get to pick what kind, it’s just a mish mash of what ever they have left over at the end of the day. Pretty good deal. Have a great Easter everyone!


BOGO Sale at Missouri Scents!

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Ok, so I just found out that MissouriScents.com is extending their sale.  You can get soy blend ear candles for $.79 cents.  You MUST order from the page that offers the special though or it won’t double your order.


Great Ear Candle Sale!

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www.MissouriScents.com is having a “Luck of the Irish” sale.  All soy blend ear candles are 79 cents!  Good deal!

ALSO, there is a new website that I’ve linked to with an EVERYDAY price on paraffin ear candles of 86 cents!!  You can find them at www.CheapEarCandles.com

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