Best time to buy ear candles

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It’s that time of year again when the ear candle companies see a traditional slump in sales.  Due, in part to all the “Back to School” business.  This slump also causes most of the ear candle companies to offer GREAT DISCOUNTS on their products.

They need your business to stay afloat.  Do yourself a big favor and take time THIS WEEKEND to see what your ear candle company is offering.  You won’t be disappointed!

If your company is one of the few who aren’t offering you a special then please check out these listed below:

www.EarCandleSale.com $.89 cent BEESWAX ear candles.  That’s right 100% Premium Beeswax Ear Candles for 89 cents.  It’s actually a buy one get one offer, but there’s NO MINIMUM purchase.

www.EarCandles.US The Ear Candle Lady just found out (shhh, it’s supposed to be a secret) that you can use this link :  http://www.earcandles.us/ss18436572_buxpe.html  until Sunday at midnight and get your ear candles at their business wholesale prices as low as $.49 cents. You have to order at least 60 ear candles (as opposed to 1000).  Disregard what the webpage says, just order at least 60 ear candles under the 1000 Count discount and it’s FREE SHIPPING!  Any order received on Monday will be refused.

www.CheapEarCandles.com For a limited time every order over 50 ear candles gets 20% more FREE.  Nice. . .


Walmart Ear Candles?

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“Holy $$ under the table, Batman!”   If this isn’t a quackwatch.com nightmare, I don’t know what is! 

The ear candle lady would LOVE to know how WALMART managed to get approval to sell EAR CANDLES when every other retailer (health food outlets specifically) were pressured to remove them.  What magical $$ wand $$ did Wally wave to get the FDA to look the other way?

The skeptic screaming, debunking, jihad the FDA has waged against the ear candle industry has now been blown out of the water by the power of Walmart!  Unbelievable. . . just unbelievable.

So, what does this say about the FDA?  What does this say about Walmart?   Makes skeptics wonder if  The Ear Candle Lady isn’t barking mad afterall?  Or maybe, just maybe, there’s something REAL about ear candling?  Or, our government agencies are just as corrupt as we’ve suspected all along. . .  .which leads us right back to the whole mess the FDA and Big Pharma created for the alternative therapy and ear candle industries to begin with.  DOLLARS!  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY $.

Walmart sees the $$ signs and knows there’s money to be made in alternative therapies.  PEOPLE WANT EAR CANDLES! Of course, to be fair, they also sell the Wax Vac, which is the most offensive alternative therapy product known to man.

Walmart Ear Candles are actually Wally’s Ear Candles (maybe it’s all in the name).  They are more expensive through Walmart than the companies I have posted on my website.

For example you pay $12.99 + $6.99 shipping for a 4 pack of ear candles at Walmart.

At EarCandles.US you get a 4 pack for $11.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

EarCandleSale.com has ear candles for $.69 cents each with $7.99 PRIORITY MAIL shipping.

You do the math.

Just remember when you are buying ear candles to get as close to the maker as you can.  In other words buy direct.  You get a product that is made by an artisan who cares about what they do and you don’t get a 300% markup on the price!

Have a wonderful July!


More Great Ear Candle Specials for February

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EarCandles.US will DOUBLE your ear candle order when you use the promo code HEART2013 at check out under “notes to seller”.

CheapEarCandles.com will give you 20% more ear candles with each $50 you spend.

EarCandleSale.com has Soy Blend Ear Candles for $.69 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EarCandles.net has all their soy blend ear candles for $.70 cents each.

Don’t forget to stay ahead of winter illness by regularly ear candling.  That’s what keeps you OUT OF THE DR’S OFFICE!


Bing, Yahoo & Google Ear Candles

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I reported last Fall that Google was waging war on alternative therapies, supplements and especially EAR CANDLES.  In order for Google  to make more money they barred advertisers using the keyword “ear candles” or had the words “ear candles” in their domain names, and required them to apply to PAY for listings in their shopping network.  The general public thinks it is a “SEARCH” when in reality they are only seeing PAID ads for websites!  It’s a much more expensive way to advertise , which in turn costs YOU more for ear candles and LIMITS your choices to a few big companies who already charge too much for ear candles.

For example,  EarCandleLady.com , which doesn’t even SELL EAR CANDLES and is an information only website can’t even advertise on Google because the term “ear candle” is in my website name!!!

Well,  Bing & Yahoo are doing the same thing!  The Ear Candle Lady is embarrassed because I told all of you to start using Bing and Yahoo for your search engine.  I know I can’t tell you not to use ANY of these search engines;






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I do not get paid to recommend ear candle companies.  I do not allow companies to pay to advertise on my website.  I review ear candles, ear candle supplies and company customer service and award an “ear candle lady approval” if I feel I can put my name on the line for them.

Since the major search engines are shafting the “little guy” in favor of big bucks and costing YOU the consumer more $$, I am going to renew my efforts to promote ear candle companies in a way that you can find them easily without Google, Bing or Yahoo influencing your decisions with PAID ADVERTISING.

Stay tuned. . . .


Winter, Flu and Ear Oil

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WASH YOUR HANDS!  That’s really the news for this month.

I just heard that my grand kid’s school will be closing because so many kids have the flu!  The news reported 47 states have epidemic proportions of flu going around and a shortage of shots.

The Ear Candle Lady would like to voice her opinion on the flu shot, but I’m a lady and won’t say what I really want to say about that hoax. . . .

WASH YOUR HANDS, Don’t go out unless you have to, get a good, old fashioned ear candling done and homemade chicken soup (with lots of garlic) in your tummy!

Garlic did you say?  YES!  If you don’t know by now, garlic is the BEST medicine for all that winter cold and flu.  Tons of garlic.  So what if your breath stinks, it would be bad if you have a cold or flu!  Find every way you can to get garlic into your system.

So what has garlic got to do with ear oil?  Any ear oil worth it’s weight has garlic in it!  When ear oil is used properly after a great ear candling session, it enhances your ability to heal yourself and absorb beneficial garlic into your system.

HOW DO I USE EAR OIL?  After you ear candle, DO NOT PUT EAR OIL DROPS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Place 3 drops of ear oil on a cotton ball (if your ears are small use a piece of  the cotton ball) and place the cotton ball in your ear.  Leave in for at least an hour.  The Ear Candle Lady likes to put it in right before bedtime and leave them in overnight, but that’s just me.

When done this way, your body absorbs the oils it needs and the rest stays on the cotton ball.  You won’t have ear oil clogging your ear!

Winter Cold & Flu Time

If you have an ear ache (and your ear drum has not ruptured) you can do the same thing sans ear candling, and the properties in the oil will soothe the ear spasms causing the pain.  Warmth to the ear after you put the cotton ball in enhances the pain relief.

Keep those hands clean and make time for some relaxing ear candling.  You can get ear candles and ear oil by looking at my RECOMMENDED EAR CANDLE COMPANIES


Buy Ear Candles for $.69 Cents Today!!!

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Ear Candles are for sale at EarCandleSale.com for $.69 cents TODAY! Don’t know how long they will have their sale going on, but this is a SUPER PRICE to BUY EAR CANDLES!

All ear candles are for sell for $.69 cents.  100% Beeswax, Paraffin and Soy Blend ear candles.  $.69 Cent Ear Candles at Ear Candle Sale .com today!

With prices going up after December, you should buy as many as you can.  Take advantage of this ear candle sale asap!  Just sayin. . . .


Ear Candle Prices Are Going UP!

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MissouriScents.com has Ear Candle Gift Sets

Did you know. . . .

Most (if not all) Ear Candle companies will be raising prices after the first of the year?

Not because they want to, but shipping and supply costs have gone through the roof this year!   I’ve had a lot of emails and phone calls from your favorite “mom and pop” shops who have told me they really have no choice.

Ear Candle and other small businesses are taxed on materials and stock on hand, even if it’s NOT sold.  That’s why you see so many sales right now (and you thought it was Christmas).

If you’re going to stock up on ear candles; NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

Many ear candle websites use PayPal  to process their credit card customers.  Goodness me, even DOLLAR GENERAL now accepts Paypal! Paypal’s “Bill Me Later” feature has a $5 cash back and NO interest if paid in 6 months offer right now for purchases of $99 or more.

Stock up now, get $5 bucks back, NO interest plus free shipping. Now how simple is that?

These Businesses all offer the “Bill Me Later” feature!  Go to one of these businesses below first (not to mention great ear candle sales right now.







Merry Christmas everyone!


BUY Ear Candles Here!

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Just a reminder, The Ear Candle Lady does NOT sell ear candles.  I’m here as a resource for all your ear candle information!  Look below to buy ear candles from businesses I recommend!

Ear Candle in Ear

Love this Ear Candle Picture

Since Google has decided to eliminate alternative therapy advertising (including supplements, weight loss pills, vitamins, etc) most of the ear candle ads have been taken down.   I’ve had requests to post businesses on my website:  EarCandleLady.com .  I’m working on this list and you can check it out here.

August is a great time to get an ear candle session done before school starts.

While the kiddos are mingling with all the new students and returning friends, they are also mingling with all the germs, Hand Foot & Mouth Disease, strep, and . . .well you get the picture.

The Ear Candle Lady doesn’t remember a single year ( 30 years mind you) where her kids didn’t pick up “something” or get sick after  the first 2 weeks of school!

Ear Candling doesn’t “cure” anything, but as a wellness measure it can help boost the body to fight harder, especially when it comes to ear, nose and throat issues !

Amish Ear Candles: Is offering a BOGO on ALL their ear candles today.

Missouri Scents: Has all their ear candles for $1.oo plus FREE Shipping.

Ear Candle Sale.com: Has Soy Blend Ear Candles for $.79 cents !

Cheap Ear Candles.com: Has a 20% bonus special. Order 50 or more

ear candles and you get 20% more for free.

ECNEarCandles.net : Has a 70 cent special on their soy ear candles.

One last afterthought today. . . use YAHOO! or BING to search for your alternative therapy products.  You will find much more affordable items there than Google.  Google is driving prices up with their business practices!

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Ear Candle Deals this Week!

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Amish Ear Candles

B.O.G.O. Sale on Ear Candles

Amish Ear Candles has a BOGO special on their front page.  The Ear Candle Lady LOVES  B.O.G.O.!!!

Google has created a situation where ear candle prices are going to go UP! (See my blog posts below this one).

This would be a great time to stock up on ear candles.  If you don’t see your favorite company on my recommended list, then please search for them via YAHOO or BING.

Since Google is forcing ear candle companies to use their Google Shopping link, the “Mom & Pop” businesses (who have always offered a great product with a GREAT PRICE) can’t afford to compete with Wally’s, Harmony Cone and other big corporates and their fancy packaging (which YOU pay for), high advertising budgets etc.

Mom & Pop’s like Amish Ear Candles will be going to Yahoo and Bing where the advertising is less expensive and they don’t have to raise prices to compete for your business.

So, do yourself a favor and use Yahoo and Bing  as your search engine from now on.  It’ll cost you less too!

Yes, this is a blatant “sell” for Yahoo and Bing but, I’m retired and I can do what I want!

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The Google Ear Candle War (update)

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You can read the entire article, or just follow this advise:

Use Yahoo or Bing to search for your favorite ear candles.  Google has too much power and with too much power comes way too much Greed!

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So here is this week’s update on Google’s stratagem to eliminate alternative therapy advertising.  Yes, you saw that!  ALTERNATIVE THERAPY advertisers will eventually have to comply with Google if you want to continue to pull revenue from their search engine.

If you’ve done a search for ear candles on Google you will see two ads show up which have never been pulled; WALMART (who doesn’t even SELL ear candles) and of course GOOGLE SHOPS.   How convenient!

There are a few Mom and Pop survivors who’s ads have been pulled and they are still circumventing the system to keep their ads alive, but eventually they too will be pulled.

WHY?  Here’s the answer straight from Posted by Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management, Google Shopping (update:  the link I used to find this article is not available unless you dig deep into Google’s policies. . .interesting)

“Today we’re announcing a new initiative to improve our shopping experience over time–so that shoppers (your customers) can easily research purchases, compare different products, their features and prices, and then connect directly with merchants to make their purchase.

Google Shopping

First, we are starting to transition Google Product Search in the U.S. to a purely commercial model built on Product Listing Ads. This new product discovery experience will be called Google Shopping and the transition will be complete this fall. We believe that having a commercial relationship with merchants will encourage them to keep their product information fresh and up to date. Higher quality data—whether it’s accurate prices, the latest offers or product availability—should mean better shopping results for users, which in turn should create higher quality traffic for merchants.

We’re giving merchants a few months to transition to this new model. . .


I wanted to give you a cost comparison of Google Shops vs. Adwords , but in all my digging I can’t  find a single thing showing how much a Google Shop costs unless I sign up for an account!  Google is keeping secrets. . .

This article from Danny Sullivan explains that Google Shops will become another Amazon.com except businesses will have to bid on how much they are willing to pay in order for their ads to show up!  Google Shops will not offer a comprehensive listing of ear candle businesses (only paid listings).


Now here’s the CLINCHER:  Your product on Google Shops will also have to comply with Google’s Adword policies and ear candles are disapproved for the following reasons:

[Healthcare and medicines] Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements:

- Herbal and dietary supplements with active pharmaceutical or
dangerous ingredients
- Non-government approved or non-prescription products that are
marketed in a way that implies that they’re safe or effective for use
in preventing or treating a disease or ailment
- Products that imply or claim that they’re as effective as anabolic
- Products that imply or claim that they’re as effective as
prescription weight-loss drugs
- Products that contain ephedra
- Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in relation to weight loss/weight
control, or when promoted in conjunction with anabolic steroids
- Products that make false or misleading health claims
- Products with names that may be confusingly similar to anabolic
steroids, weight-loss drugs, prescription drugs, controlled substances,
or other products that aren’t allowed under this policy

For more information about this policy and instructions to fix this
problem, please see:


So, bottom line: EAR CANDLE BUSINESSES converting to GOOGLE SHOPS will be disapproved at some point (unless Google pulls their heads out)  and the Shops will cost the businesses more money to stay with Google.

That means they will have to pass that on to consumers, which means ear candle prices will go up.

The best thing to do is use Yahoo or Bing to do your searches and you will find better deals on ear candles there than on Google!

I will be offering a comprehensive listing of ear candle websites soon!

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