Lee’s Ear Candles

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I thought I had already posted about this some time ago.  I didn’t.  Betty Lee, owner of Lee’s Ear Candles, passed in January. She was a great woman and helped with the ear candle lawsuits against the FDA.  According to Doc Harmony, “she was very passionate about our Rights and did what she could.”

In that her business is now closed  (the decision of her family), any former customers can go to my website directly http://www.earcandlelady.com to look for new, affordable ear candle companies to order from.

Betty was a great person and will be missed within the ear candle community.  Safe voyages, Betty!


Bing, Yahoo & Google Ear Candles

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I reported last Fall that Google was waging war on alternative therapies, supplements and especially EAR CANDLES.  In order for Google  to make more money they barred advertisers using the keyword “ear candles” or had the words “ear candles” in their domain names, and required them to apply to PAY for listings in their shopping network.  The general public thinks it is a “SEARCH” when in reality they are only seeing PAID ads for websites!  It’s a much more expensive way to advertise , which in turn costs YOU more for ear candles and LIMITS your choices to a few big companies who already charge too much for ear candles.

For example,  EarCandleLady.com , which doesn’t even SELL EAR CANDLES and is an information only website can’t even advertise on Google because the term “ear candle” is in my website name!!!

Well,  Bing & Yahoo are doing the same thing!  The Ear Candle Lady is embarrassed because I told all of you to start using Bing and Yahoo for your search engine.  I know I can’t tell you not to use ANY of these search engines;






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I do not get paid to recommend ear candle companies.  I do not allow companies to pay to advertise on my website.  I review ear candles, ear candle supplies and company customer service and award an “ear candle lady approval” if I feel I can put my name on the line for them.

Since the major search engines are shafting the “little guy” in favor of big bucks and costing YOU the consumer more $$, I am going to renew my efforts to promote ear candle companies in a way that you can find them easily without Google, Bing or Yahoo influencing your decisions with PAID ADVERTISING.

Stay tuned. . . .


“WaxVac” is Wacked, But It’s FDA approved!

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So, I saw an infomercial the other night on the “WaxVac”.   According to their commercial and website the WaxVac  “draws dirt particles and moisture out of your ears”.  

Why do they call it a “Wax Vac” when it doesn’t remove wax?

Here’s a link to the website so you can investigate it yourself, but BE WARNED, this product is another FDA APPROVED  mistake.

Of course the makers tout the dangers of cotton swabs and ear candles in favor of their product, but when you remember that the FDA, AMA and other ear candle antagonists have told us repeatedly that “the vacuum needed to remove ear wax would be dangerous and cause damage to the ear drum”, it leaves the potential customer in wonder how “Wax Vac” is safer than an ear candle?

Somebody is making money, paying off the FDA and will consider any lawsuits as “advertising costs”. . . .

On the flip side, there are a few websites who have already collected complaints about the company.  I’ve listed those below.  Interesting how you don’t see these kinds of complaints about cotton swabs or ear candles. . . .



Wax on, Wax off. . . you be the judge.  As for the Ear Candle Lady, I’m getting ready to treat the family to a group ear candling session for Thanksgiving!


Warm Weather Ear Candling

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4 packs for $5.25

Just a quick tip on candling during the Summer months or warm weather locations. When you get your ear candles home (or the post office leaves them at your door) make sure you put your package in the fridge for around 15-20 minutes BEFORE you open the package. This way the candles can cool and reset before you pick them up.

Oh, before I forget: I’ve mentioned this site before, but it bears mention again. CheapEarCandles.com . They carry 4 packs of premium quality paraffin ear candles for $5.25 each. If you need bulk ear candles you can get them as low as $.59 cents. I’ve ordered these candles before and they are very good.

I remember one fella who called a while back about his ear candles which the post office left on his porch. He’d gone out of town for the weekend and the package was outside, in the Florida heat, for 4 days. When he opened the box, his candles were a puddled mess of fabric strips and wax! This guy wanted to know if there was anyway to fix the candles. Sorry, but at that point it’s no use. The company wasn’t responsible for his “vacation” and he wasn’t responsible for what the post office did, HOWEVER, if he had purchased insurance on his package, the post office would have issued him a refund. Funny how that works. . . .

I also know of a Spa in Cancun that keeps their ear candles in the fridge year round.  They report the customers love the “coolness” of the candle during the heat of the day.

If you’re nervous about refrigerating your ear candles (in case someone mistakes them for cheese sticks-lol) just leave your package in the air conditioning for about 1/2 hour to cool before opening the box.

Paraffin candles hold up a little better in the heat than beeswax or soy, btw.

Remember to check out CheapEarCandles.com or go to my recommended company page to find other businesses that offer quality products, fast shipping and great prices.

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Review: Ear Candle Sale .com

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Ok, I’ve posted about this online company already, but I’ve received feedback from other customers as well so I’m going to post again.

EarCandleSale.com has cheap prices EVERYDAY, they ship fast and every report I’ve received from other customers has been extremely positive.  They carry Soy blend ear candles for 76 cents EVERY DAY, 100% Beeswax for 99 cents EVERY DAY, and Paraffin for 89 cents EVERY DAY.

I’d give them a 4 out of 5 rating (if I rated ear candle companies).  They get a point deducted for not carrying other items besides ear candles.

EarCandleSale.com carries the “Amish” style ear candles.   There’s not a whole lot of difference between Amish and other cones EXCEPT, Wally’s, Harmony and Hopi all have those silly filters inside that just muck up the whole ear candling experience.  They also charge you a whole lot more too!

If you want to achieve the protection of a filter AND still get the heat and smoke from ear candling, just use my ear candling instructions here.

I have to wonder why the “filter kings” don’t tell you the filter is made of plastic and can melt and drip into the ear. . . .

Wait!  I was talking about EarCandleSale.com and jumped on the “filter” soap box.  Sorry.


The Ear Candle Lady is excited when prices are consistant.  I don’t know how they do it EVERY DAY (lol) but I think that is great.