Rip Off Report from Blue Tax.com –BEWARE!

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An ear candling company (which I recommend btw) has become the latest victim of BlueTax.com .  Apparently Blue Tax was putting on the heat to Missouri Scents (who’s orders are fulfilled by earcandles.us ) to sign a contract charging $4000 for tax services.  The owner at Missouri Scents didn’t want to do it and she opted to buy a  book from them instead.  Blue Tax never sent the book and when she filed a complaint to get a refund, Todd Lewis, the VP at Blue Tax, posted a RIP OFF report on HER!

Not only did he post it under the name “Ear Ache” from Joplin Missouri, he also posted an anti-ear candling article and then added that Missouri Scents was violating the law by selling ear candles!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Todd Lewis, if the intelligence level you represent in your rip off report is indicitave of your ability to help customers filing taxes, I think I’ll decide now NOT to use your services. . . .EVER!

Pass it on folks.

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