Walmart Ear Candles?

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“Holy $$ under the table, Batman!”   If this isn’t a quackwatch.com nightmare, I don’t know what is! 

The ear candle lady would LOVE to know how WALMART managed to get approval to sell EAR CANDLES when every other retailer (health food outlets specifically) were pressured to remove them.  What magical $$ wand $$ did Wally wave to get the FDA to look the other way?

The skeptic screaming, debunking, jihad the FDA has waged against the ear candle industry has now been blown out of the water by the power of Walmart!  Unbelievable. . . just unbelievable.

So, what does this say about the FDA?  What does this say about Walmart?   Makes skeptics wonder if  The Ear Candle Lady isn’t barking mad afterall?  Or maybe, just maybe, there’s something REAL about ear candling?  Or, our government agencies are just as corrupt as we’ve suspected all along. . .  .which leads us right back to the whole mess the FDA and Big Pharma created for the alternative therapy and ear candle industries to begin with.  DOLLARS!  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY $.

Walmart sees the $$ signs and knows there’s money to be made in alternative therapies.  PEOPLE WANT EAR CANDLES! Of course, to be fair, they also sell the Wax Vac, which is the most offensive alternative therapy product known to man.

Walmart Ear Candles are actually Wally’s Ear Candles (maybe it’s all in the name).  They are more expensive through Walmart than the companies I have posted on my website.

For example you pay $12.99 + $6.99 shipping for a 4 pack of ear candles at Walmart.

At EarCandles.US you get a 4 pack for $11.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

EarCandleSale.com has ear candles for $.69 cents each with $7.99 PRIORITY MAIL shipping.

You do the math.

Just remember when you are buying ear candles to get as close to the maker as you can.  In other words buy direct.  You get a product that is made by an artisan who cares about what they do and you don’t get a 300% markup on the price!

Have a wonderful July!


6th Leading Cause of Death in the US?

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You’ll be surprised what the 6th leading cause of death in the US is!  NOT Ear Candling (we already knew that), but this 6th cause of death  is, however,  sanctioned and APPROVED BY THE FDA, AMA and every medical professional in the United States!

A report from the American Association for Justice claims that preventable medical errors are the sixth largest cause of death in the U.S.

Wow, once again, the ear candle is pushed further down the “danger Will Robinson” list  for more gregarious disasters caused by the people who tell us ear candling is dangerous.   The Ear Candle Lady is often reminded of her favorite line from “The Ten Commandments” movie :  “Let them rave on that men may know them mad.”

So, next time your “buddy” tells you quackwatch.com or some other skeptic site attempts to debunk ear candling send them to the report I linked above.  Then be sure to wish them well at their next doctor’s visit.