More Great Ear Candle Specials for February

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EarCandles.US will DOUBLE your ear candle order when you use the promo code HEART2013 at check out under “notes to seller”.

CheapEarCandles.com will give you 20% more ear candles with each $50 you spend.

EarCandleSale.com has Soy Blend Ear Candles for $.69 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EarCandles.net has all their soy blend ear candles for $.70 cents each.

Don’t forget to stay ahead of winter illness by regularly ear candling.  That’s what keeps you OUT OF THE DR’S OFFICE!


Bing, Yahoo & Google Ear Candles

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I reported last Fall that Google was waging war on alternative therapies, supplements and especially EAR CANDLES.  In order for Google  to make more money they barred advertisers using the keyword “ear candles” or had the words “ear candles” in their domain names, and required them to apply to PAY for listings in their shopping network.  The general public thinks it is a “SEARCH” when in reality they are only seeing PAID ads for websites!  It’s a much more expensive way to advertise , which in turn costs YOU more for ear candles and LIMITS your choices to a few big companies who already charge too much for ear candles.

For example,  EarCandleLady.com , which doesn’t even SELL EAR CANDLES and is an information only website can’t even advertise on Google because the term “ear candle” is in my website name!!!

Well,  Bing & Yahoo are doing the same thing!  The Ear Candle Lady is embarrassed because I told all of you to start using Bing and Yahoo for your search engine.  I know I can’t tell you not to use ANY of these search engines;






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I do not get paid to recommend ear candle companies.  I do not allow companies to pay to advertise on my website.  I review ear candles, ear candle supplies and company customer service and award an “ear candle lady approval” if I feel I can put my name on the line for them.

Since the major search engines are shafting the “little guy” in favor of big bucks and costing YOU the consumer more $$, I am going to renew my efforts to promote ear candle companies in a way that you can find them easily without Google, Bing or Yahoo influencing your decisions with PAID ADVERTISING.

Stay tuned. . . .

Ear Candle Updates

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Be sure to visit my website at http://www.earcandlelady.com for detailed information on ear candles and ear candling.

Ear Candle & Vertigo Rant!

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I recently discovered first hand what VERTIGO is.  Wouldn’t wish that on an amoeba .  Went to the hospital and paid $360 for them to tell me there was nothing they could do except give me some drugs for the nausea (Like I was expecting something miraculous from them in the first place).

Waited the weekend  to see if it would just go away–throwing up and needing someone to help me get up from the bed. . . .

Went to the chiropractor on Monday.  He told me [THE EAR CANDLE LADY] I should get some ear candles!

DUH. . .

I would have rolled my eyes at him, but they were already doing that.

Interesting thing, VERTIGO.  Horrible thing too, however, the Ear Candle Lady has learned something from the experience.  Apparently, the same uric acid that causes gout is also inside the ear.  It crystallizes in the inner ear and contributes to our ability to maintain balance.  Once in awhile these crystals break off and “muck up the works”.  When it’s “VERTIGO” these crystals put pressure on the nerves in the inner ear,  disabling the eyes to focus on one point (to maintain balance) and viola’: you are now watching and reeling in an earthquake that doesn’t exist, while riding on a never ending “Tilt-a-Whirl”.  Your stomach is revolting and spewing anything it can to rid itself of the imbalance and all you can do is lie there hoping for an early end to life.

Well, I learned what Vertigo IS and how it can destroy your life.  I learned how simple it is to fix AND  I found out FIRST HAND that doctors & hospitals don’t (or maybe won’t) use the SIMPLISTIC methods available to remedy this debilitating ailment.  Do your homework and MAINTAIN your wellness before this strikes you.

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