Ear Candles Don’t Suck But THIS Does! FDA Approval #2

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Remember when all the skeptics said that it was IMPOSSIBLE for an ear candle to suck wax out of the ear?  Then the medical “professionals” declared “EAR CANDLES ARE A SCAM!”

Remember when the medical “professionals” and the FDA said in order for a vacuum to actually pull wax out of the ear it would have to be so intense that it would cause damage to the ear drum? Once again, Ear Candles were put to shame because we actually thought they weren’t harmful.

Shame on us because the picture BELOW is the only “APPROVED” way to suck wax out of your ear. . . .even though the medical profession has already stated that kind of suction would damage the ear drum.

Remember, you saw it here FIRST!  LOL  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Ear Candles Don't Suck But THIS Does!

I guess it’s the amount you $$ PAY $$  that determines if the treatment is “Approved” or not.  Sure seems the Doctors are making a fortune on something you can do at home with a lot less stress.

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