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I’ll be posting more as I get time to put them together.  My faith in the bumbling FDA just sank to a below zero percentage after the pics I found this month.

The most amazing thing, which escapes a LOT of consumers, is the pricing for “Medically Approved” tools vs. what the AMA and FDA brand as UNSAFE, ie: ear candles, q tips and peroxide.   We’ll start with my favorite pic below:

FDA "Approved" ear wax removal system

If Ear Candles are unsafe, then the spoon made me fat! I think I'd rather Ear Candle!

Of course doctors don’t want you to use cotton swabs, they can’t make any money off of them!  Just like ear candles.  The medical supply companies, which sell these stainless steel syringes to the public as well as your favorite ENT, are happy to see you part with your money.  It’s not that the treatment is “safer” ; the doctors just have to pay for their malpractice insurance!

The main complaint the FDA and Dr’s have about q-tips and ear candles is the potential damage to the ear drum.  Let’s take 2 seconds to think about that as you look at the “Approved” system above!!!!  I pity the unfortunate person who feels the puncture of a large metal needle capable of shooting a hard stream of water inside the inner ear.

Ok, I have to get back to putting more pictures together.  Just remember to support your ear candle companies by purchasing on a regular basis.

EAR MAINTENANCE  is extremely important.  Don’t wait until you have problems before you ear candle!  For complete and SAFER ear candling instructions (regardless of what brand you use) visit my website. http://www.earcandlelady.com



  1. Rita Bruce said,

    October 17, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Hello EarCandleLady, Could you tell me the purpose of an ear cone? I purchased Harmony Cones, thinking they were ear candles, for the purpose of removing wax. After having done 3 sessions and receving the same disappointing results, I decided to read the flyer. It states that it is not meant to remove wax or to assist in any kind of treatments or therapy. What, then Would be their purpose? And second question, what candle do you recommend for the purpose of extraxting wax from the ear? !Luv, Rita Bruce

  2. Administrator said,

    October 19, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Hi Rita! You pose a very good question. The ear candle has varied uses ranging from spiritual/chakra cleansing to aiding in removal of impurities from the ear. The problem is, no manufacturer can say ear candles “remove ear wax” because there are bureaucratic institutions (FDA, AMA, Big Pharma) who can’t make money on holistic/wholistic practices like ear candling. Since they can’t regulate ear candles wherein they would charge regulatory fees, inspection fees and eventually RX prescription profits, they instead persecute any manufacturer who states the obvious.

    Now that the politics are out of the way, your “disappointing results” are probably due to misinformation rather than the inability of the ear cone/candle doing it’s job. Let me explain:

    First, an ear candle and an ear cone are the same thing. They are made from different materials. You can go directly to my website to read up on the different kinds of ear candles.

    Secondly, ear candles are considered “home remedy” which takes longer to see results than irrigation, suction, scraping or other methods a Dr’s office would use. That being said, ear candles don’t invade your body, need a prescription, or require a doctor’s office visit to do. In most cases it takes 2-3 days AFTER PROPER candling to see results. Please go to my website and read the INSTRUCTIONS on how to do a proper ear candling session.

    Its very important that you use a good ear oil after your candling sessions to nourish and protect the ear in between sessions.

    Ear Candles are Ear Candles, they are not rocket science. The materials they are made of DO make a difference in price and burn time. I have listed several companies on my website that have affordable pricing and offer a quality product without increased packaging costs and marketing hype.

    Hope this information was helpful!

  3. Angee said,

    October 18, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Hello Ear Candle Lady,

    Thank you so much for you truthful and accurate information! I am a Registered Nurse (25 yrs) and the older I get, the more I appreciate holistic medicine. I had never heard of ear candling before until I met a certified Iridoligist who does it. I got a chance to see a ear candling session done by her. I was speechless when I saw the all the stuff that came out of the client’s ears!
    My husband and I will have our ear dandling done in a few weeks. We’re excited and fasinated about this holistic procedure. My husband has a history of ear infections. I suffer from sinusitis and itching ears because of it. I can’t wait to have these problems eliminated!

  4. Administrator said,

    January 24, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Angee, sorry to respond so late. I’m still working on the glitches in my blog. I’m glad you are using your experience and knowledge in a holistic approach. The body, as you know, is built to repair itself. We work very hard to destroy our body at the same time! I’m not a “purist” (Dr Pepper and chocolate are food groups as far as I’m concerned-lol) but allowing our bodies to do their job is the best thing we can do. Ear Candling, like other alternative methods helps the body do what it’s supposed to do. KUDOS to you and have a great year!

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