Ron Paul’s Support of Ear Candles

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The Ear Candle Lady personally doesn’t support Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, but I DO support his letter to the FDA dated May 25, 2010 in the wake of the FDA jihad on Ear Candles.

In part it reads: “I am writing regarding the numerous warning letters … sent to the manufacturers of ear candles suggesting that ear candles are a medical device requiring premarket applications… the result would be to deny some people access to the product… I have been made aware that there is a dispute over whether ear candles meet the definition of a medical device. Furthermore, I am aware that there are claims that, even if ear candles meet the statutory definition of a medical device, they likely fall within the exemptions granted Class I generic devices. Thus, it is questionable whether the FDA’s letters … reflect a proper classification of ear candles… I have also been informed that there are very few adverse events reports… It seems that concerns about the safe use of ear candles could be addressed by requiring the distributors of ear candles to include risk warnings and proper use instructions…”

Thank you Ron, for defending our rights to “health freedom” against the abusive power of the FDA and other federal agencies!

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