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Just a reminder, The Ear Candle Lady does NOT sell ear candles.  I’m here as a resource for all your ear candle information!  Look below to buy ear candles from businesses I recommend!

Ear Candle in Ear

Love this Ear Candle Picture

Since Google has decided to eliminate alternative therapy advertising (including supplements, weight loss pills, vitamins, etc) most of the ear candle ads have been taken down.   I’ve had requests to post businesses on my website:  EarCandleLady.com .  I’m working on this list and you can check it out here.

August is a great time to get an ear candle session done before school starts.

While the kiddos are mingling with all the new students and returning friends, they are also mingling with all the germs, Hand Foot & Mouth Disease, strep, and . . .well you get the picture.

The Ear Candle Lady doesn’t remember a single year ( 30 years mind you) where her kids didn’t pick up “something” or get sick after  the first 2 weeks of school!

Ear Candling doesn’t “cure” anything, but as a wellness measure it can help boost the body to fight harder, especially when it comes to ear, nose and throat issues !

Amish Ear Candles: Is offering a BOGO on ALL their ear candles today.

Missouri Scents: Has all their ear candles for $1.oo plus FREE Shipping.

Ear Candle Sale.com: Has Soy Blend Ear Candles for $.79 cents !

Cheap Ear Candles.com: Has a 20% bonus special. Order 50 or more

ear candles and you get 20% more for free.

ECNEarCandles.net : Has a 70 cent special on their soy ear candles.

One last afterthought today. . . use YAHOO! or BING to search for your alternative therapy products.  You will find much more affordable items there than Google.  Google is driving prices up with their business practices!

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