Ear Candle Deals this Week!

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Amish Ear Candles

B.O.G.O. Sale on Ear Candles

Amish Ear Candles has a BOGO special on their front page.  The Ear Candle Lady LOVES  B.O.G.O.!!!

Google has created a situation where ear candle prices are going to go UP! (See my blog posts below this one).

This would be a great time to stock up on ear candles.  If you don’t see your favorite company on my recommended list, then please search for them via YAHOO or BING.

Since Google is forcing ear candle companies to use their Google Shopping link, the “Mom & Pop” businesses (who have always offered a great product with a GREAT PRICE) can’t afford to compete with Wally’s, Harmony Cone and other big corporates and their fancy packaging (which YOU pay for), high advertising budgets etc.

Mom & Pop’s like Amish Ear Candles will be going to Yahoo and Bing where the advertising is less expensive and they don’t have to raise prices to compete for your business.

So, do yourself a favor and use Yahoo and Bing  as your search engine from now on.  It’ll cost you less too!

Yes, this is a blatant “sell” for Yahoo and Bing but, I’m retired and I can do what I want!

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