Google says Ear Candles are Pharmaceutical Products?

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I just got this email forwarded to me from one of the companies who sell ear candles online.  Apparently their ads have been pulled from Google Search several times over the last 4 weeks.  Google stated that the ads violated Google policy in that their “Ad Specialists” have decided that Ear Candles are Pharmaceutical items!!!!!!!

What chemicals are in Ear Candles that require a doctors prescription?

The Ear Candle Lady is OUTRAGED!

Here is the copy of the email Google sent:


Hi Marilyn,
I escalated your issue over to our Policy specialist team and they’ve confirmed that ear candles are one of our unapproved pharmaceutical products, so no ads may be run for them. For additional insight into why ear candles are a part of our unapproved products list, please see this article.
In regards to why you might be seeing other advertisements for ear candles appearing, it’s a result of our system not yet reviewing those particular accounts. I’ve already put a notation to have those accounts reviewed as soon as possible. In general, all ads pertaining to ear candles will eventually be taken down.
While we make every effort to ensure that ads which may violate our policies do not run prior to review, some ads may run on Google before our AdWords Specialists check them (which is what happened in your case for a few days). To assist in the process of removing ads that are in violation of our unapproved pharmaceuticals products policy, please fill out our ads complaint form here.
My apologies for any inconvenience but thank you for your understanding. Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Chris W.
The Google AdWords Team



I say we fill out the complaint form telling GOOGLE to shove it up their wazoo!  If you want to see ear candles available online, you really need to click on that link above and make a complaint against Google.

I’m stomping off now to start an avalanche of complaints!


Summer Ear Candles !!! Yipee!

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It’s just that time of year when people are on vacation and the last thing they are thinking about is lighting up a candle and sticking in their ear!

Ear Candles are on sale every where!

Don't let the heat get in the way of ear candling benefits!

Too bad, cause this time of year is when the best sales are on!  So even if you don’t want to ear candle right now, stock up at your favorite ear candle site.  They’re ALL desperate for your business.

EarCandleSale.com is offering to DOUBLE your order of 400 or more so the cost is about 45 cents per candle!  WOW, that’s a good deal for USA made candles.

CheapEarCandles.com is throwing in an extra 20% with each order over 50 ear candles.

Amish Ear Candles.com is doing their yearly B.O.G.O. sale.  Buy one get on free on all types of ear candles.  100% Beeswax, Soy blend and Paraffin.  No minimum purchase, but there is a limit of 50 ear candles on the B.O.G.O.  So, if you order 5o you’ll get 100.  Great deal for customers who want smaller orders.

EarCandles.net is doing a flat rate of 70 cents per candle.  They only offer the soy blend though.

Lynn’s Corner has a bunch of stuff on sale, but the site so soooo confusing it’s hard to tell if you’re getting a deal or not.  Personally, I don’t want to spend that much time trying to figure it out. Maybe you’ll do better . . . .

I checked on Amazon.com and found a good selection of ear candles, but the prices. . . not worth going there.  You’ll pay more for a lot of packaging that goes in the recycle bin or the trash.

The Ear Candle Lady is going to be gardening this week.  My favorite time of year!  HOWEVER, don’t let the heat keep you from the benefits of ear candling.

I’ve heard many, many times from Military personnel how much ear candling helps with the sand and debris that gets caught up in their ears!  If you’re at the beach or tilling the dirt, don’t forget to candle this week!

All that sun and heat can wear down your immunity if you don’t keep yourself hydrated and slathered in SPF.  A good ear candling session keeps you relaxed, cleared and the stress reduction alone keeps you healthier!

If you go to a salon to get ear candled, make sure you get a REFLEXOLOGY session along with it.  Head to toe rejuvenation.  Hummm, maybe I’ll garden later, and get my massage instead!

Have a wonderful week!