Dear Kate:

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Kate wrote me and wanted to know why I think ear wax and allergies are related. I don’t. I think allergies, their symptoms and THE EAR are related. She wanted me to provide her a link to another of my blog posts (which would otherwise require her to “dig”.). Kate was doing research on debunking ear candling, happened upon my blog and wanted answers. She wrote me that “in this day and age she shouldn’t have to dig” to find answers to her questions. Isn’t that what “research” is all about?

Dear Kate: Hummm. . . I think you should keep digging. I dug for my results, doctors and scientists dig for theirs too. When you discover your answers you’ll have earned the right to say something.

For the rest of you, I’m not a doctor so it would be totally illegal for me to post anything that would presume to “treat, diagnose or prescribe” medical issues.

That’s where Kate is coming from. She wants me to say that ear candling is a MEDICAL TREATMENT. It’s not. Massage Therapy also is NOT a medical treatment yet there are several benefits derived from it that the medical professionals can’t explain. The only legal statement that a Massage Therapist can make about Massage Therapy is: “Massage increases circulation.”

Ok, Ear Candling is relaxing. There I’ve said it!

Keep digging Kate. . .