Allergies, Ear Candles and the FDA

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I realized that I shouldn’t rant so much about the FDA, but darn it!  It’s sooooo much fun!

The Ear Candle Lady has been watching commercials on TV from the FDA approved drugs to stop our allergy symptoms.  Then, as most of you already know, the remaining 10 seconds of the 15 second commercial spot is spent talking about side effects and dangers of the drug they are trying to sell you.

Are we that desensitized as consumers?

Cows to the slaughter. . .

I’d much rather go have a great massage, add on a session of ear candling and either slip in a pedicure or go have lunch than go to the Dr’s office, wait for up to an hour (while all the drug reps get to see the doctor ahead of me), sitting next to everyone who’s SICK and passing their germs– JUST to get a prescription for drugs that offer more side effects than relief!

Then I have to take the RX, fight traffic, go to Walgreens, wait for them to fill it, charge me my co-pay, drive home, take the darn thing and wait for it to hopefully work!

I need a massage just thinking about it. . . .

So, some of the science of ear candling includes massage therapy.  The body is more prepared to do what it was DESIGNED to do when we are less stressed. 

Did you know that 80% of disease is stress related?  Massage and a good ear candling session reduce stress.   You do the math. 

I’m totally amazed that we allow ourselves to be herded around by the FDA; who isn’t in it for our welfare, they are lining their pockets from “fast track fees” from Big Pharma.

Bottom line:  You’ll have more fun abating your allergy symptoms with a good massage and ear candle session than using the side effect laden drugs the Doctor prescribes. If you get to lower your stress levels at the same time, you probably won’t catch that Fall cold (since you didn’t wait in the Dr’s office next to all the sick people).

Just sayin. . . .


Review: Ear Candle Sale .com

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Ok, I’ve posted about this online company already, but I’ve received feedback from other customers as well so I’m going to post again.

EarCandleSale.com has cheap prices EVERYDAY, they ship fast and every report I’ve received from other customers has been extremely positive.  They carry Soy blend ear candles for 76 cents EVERY DAY, 100% Beeswax for 99 cents EVERY DAY, and Paraffin for 89 cents EVERY DAY.

I’d give them a 4 out of 5 rating (if I rated ear candle companies).  They get a point deducted for not carrying other items besides ear candles.

EarCandleSale.com carries the “Amish” style ear candles.   There’s not a whole lot of difference between Amish and other cones EXCEPT, Wally’s, Harmony and Hopi all have those silly filters inside that just muck up the whole ear candling experience.  They also charge you a whole lot more too!

If you want to achieve the protection of a filter AND still get the heat and smoke from ear candling, just use my ear candling instructions here.

I have to wonder why the “filter kings” don’t tell you the filter is made of plastic and can melt and drip into the ear. . . .

Wait!  I was talking about EarCandleSale.com and jumped on the “filter” soap box.  Sorry.


The Ear Candle Lady is excited when prices are consistant.  I don’t know how they do it EVERY DAY (lol) but I think that is great.