September Ear Candle Deals!

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Missouri Scents has a good deal right now.  If you want to try out ALL the different kinds of ear candles (Beeswax, Paraffin and Soy blend) you can order a  “Best of Missouri Sample Pack” for under $20!

The sample pack also includes your choice of a FREE ear oil or a  $15.00 fragrance oil.  I haven’t tried their fragrance oils, but I do know they are synthetic not essential oils.  HOWEVER, they are SUPER CONCENTRATED according to their webpage, so a little goes a long way.

Considering the national health food chains sell 2 ear candles for $12 this is a great deal right now.  You’re getting  12 ear candles PLUS an ear oil for less than the cost of 4 ear candles at places like GNC.

As always I’ll keep looking for and posting good deals on ear candles from GOOD suppliers.

Have a great weekend!

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