Ear Candle PHD?

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The Ear Candle Lady is constantly amazed at what lengths companies will go to manipulate the consumer.  I spend a lot of time online reading the information put out by so called “professionals” –even those with PHD’s in Ear Candling. [ btw, you can't get a phd in ear candling. You can get a Phd from Clayton College in Natural Health, however.]

I really have reservations with websites who use sex to sell ear candles and then write dissertations on why certain ear candle waxes are bad, while waving a PHD as their basis for knowledge on the subject.

The particular website I’m referring to is run by “Doc” who shows more cleavage than wisdom and since they only sell paraffin ear candles; “Doc” has written pages of “intellectual”, non-consumer friendly verbiage to discredit beeswax and soy wax.

To me, “Doc’s” hype is no different than the skeptic, who I mentioned in an earlier post, who tried to prove his skepticism re: ear candles, by writing how ear candles KILLED 2 people! Oh. . .My. . . Heck! [If you didn't read the earlier post: "Death By Ear Candling" check it out below.]

Just so you know, from my 20+ years of totally non-PHD experience: Paraffin is the cheapest way to make an ear candle.  Beeswax is the best and Soy is an affordable alternative to beeswax and is usually mixed with beeswax to perform better.

I don’t sell anything on my website, so my opinions on wax are not designed to manipulate you on purchasing what I (don’t) sell. If you want to learn more about the different kinds of wax used in ear candles, go to my website at www.earcandlelady.com. Follow the links and read up. Then make your OWN EDUCATED DECISION based on unbiased information.

You’ll love your ear candling experience when you are in control!

Knowledge is Power.

Have a great week everyone!

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