Death By Ear Candling

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The Ear Candle Lady just HAS to say something about a recent “skeptic” blog she read this week. Among the list of reasons NOT to ear candle, the blog stated that EAR CANDLES RESULT IN DEATH!

Death by Ear Candling? OH MY! How might this be? What horror and pain did these people go through while experiencing death by an ear candle?

One of the people who died by ear candling was a nurse. . . .

Of course the blog mentions only 2 people in a 25 year period, who managed to set fire to their homes. I don’t think the ear candles killed them any more than a lit match kills anyone.

The article fails to mention how many thousands die each year from house fires, cigarettes, electrical malfunctions etc.

Bottom line: skeptics are skeptics ALL the time. Unfortunately, they pride themselves for their bitter outlook on life. I wouldn’t trust the opinion of a skeptic if the sky WAS actually falling! lol

Rest easy folks, while I have great sympathy for anyone who suffers an injury (or even death) from ear candling, I know that 99% of it was caused by NOT following proper ear candling procedures.

Do yourselves a favor. Check out my ear candling instructions on my website and save yourself from DEATH BY EAR CANDLING!



  1. The Ear Candle Lady Blog » Death By Ear Candling Pt 2 said,

    August 6, 2011 at 9:29 pm

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  2. Doc Harmony said,

    December 3, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    This was truly a disaster! The lady ear candled by herself, in her bed, fell asleep, by her drapes! the candle caught fire to the drapes, she woke up, threw the ear candle BEHIND her night stand, could not get the candle, neighbor tried to help, but by now the fire is out of control. The woman died from an asthma attack from the smoke.

    Mind, you no one mentions that there are hundreds of deaths a year to regular household candles … and the billion dollars worth of damage that is done. look up those statistics.

    I have the fire report, ear candle lady, if you want it :) email me!

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