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If you are treating yourself well, then you know you need to candle your ears 2-3 times per year to AVOID problems and then having to go see the doctor.

Ear Candles should be used for maintenance rather than “repair”.  Do yourself a favor this month and try to fit in a candling session for you and your family.

Not only will it help keep you out of the Dr’s office, but most ear candle companies are selling their products at deep discounts.  July and October are the slowest months for ear candle companies btw. . . (don’t tell them I told you that!).

Here’s a few links to get super discounts and don’t require a minimum purchase:

www.CheapEarCandles.com They sell 86 cent paraffin ear candles and give you 10 more free with a 5o count order!

www.MissouriScents.com Currently they have a “grab bag” of assorted ear candles (paraffin, 100% beeswax or soy) for $.89 cents each.  You can order as many as you want. There is NO MINIMUM purchase.

www.EarCandles.net is selling their “ugly duckling” (seconds) ear candles until sold out.

www.ColonialEarCandles.net has some pretty good prices in general (no sales currently), but they do require a minimum purchase.  Nice candles though.

Well I’m back to catching up on my reading, gardening, and general summer bliss.

Happy Summer to everyone!

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