What was that ear candle made of?

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It’s not often I post twice in one day, but the Ear Candle Lady has had time off from the garden to do some reading.  While researching candle companies I came across this bit from White Egret.  Seems they and VitaminLife.com can’t decide if their SOY ear candles are PARAFFIN or SOY.  Read below and see what I’m talking about. . . .


Ear Candle- Soy

At White Egret, we offer the highest quality candles and accessories to ensure each candling session is peaceful and enjoyable. All of our candles are made using strict quality standards, the highest quality essential oils and ingredients, and the highest quality cloths and food grade paraffin, beeswax or soy waxes.

Soy—this scented candle is one of the top-selling scented candles we offer. This scent is used in spas to help relieve tension to create a refreshing and tranquil candling experience.* Made with paraffin.

Ingredients: 100% cotton muslin cloth and soy wax.


No wonder they get in trouble with the FDA over their ear candle marketing.  In all fairness though, White Egret has been the FDA “scape goat” since the 90′s when  Big Pharma raged their vendetta against ear candles.

Be sure to check your product descriptions BEFORE you buy!  If you want to know more about SOY EAR CANDLES, then please visit my website at EAR CANDLE LADY.com

PROPER Ear Candle Supplies

Ear Candle Safely with instructions at www.EarCandleLady.com

Death By Ear Candling

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The Ear Candle Lady just HAS to say something about a recent “skeptic” blog she read this week. Among the list of reasons NOT to ear candle, the blog stated that EAR CANDLES RESULT IN DEATH!

Death by Ear Candling? OH MY! How might this be? What horror and pain did these people go through while experiencing death by an ear candle?

One of the people who died by ear candling was a nurse. . . .

Of course the blog mentions only 2 people in a 25 year period, who managed to set fire to their homes. I don’t think the ear candles killed them any more than a lit match kills anyone.

The article fails to mention how many thousands die each year from house fires, cigarettes, electrical malfunctions etc.

Bottom line: skeptics are skeptics ALL the time. Unfortunately, they pride themselves for their bitter outlook on life. I wouldn’t trust the opinion of a skeptic if the sky WAS actually falling! lol

Rest easy folks, while I have great sympathy for anyone who suffers an injury (or even death) from ear candling, I know that 99% of it was caused by NOT following proper ear candling procedures.

Do yourselves a favor. Check out my ear candling instructions on my website and save yourself from DEATH BY EAR CANDLING!



OH! MY! New Ear Candle Website

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I just got my hands on the ear candles from this new website. I LIKE THEM! They’re affordable, good quality and ship fast.

DEEP DISCOUNTS for families and they DOUBLE ORDERS OVER 50 ear candles depending on the type you order.

Go get em!

According to their moniker, “Everyday is a sale day”. www.EarCandleSale.com

Everyday is an ear candle sale here.

Everyday is an ear candle sale here.



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If you are treating yourself well, then you know you need to candle your ears 2-3 times per year to AVOID problems and then having to go see the doctor.

Ear Candles should be used for maintenance rather than “repair”.  Do yourself a favor this month and try to fit in a candling session for you and your family.

Not only will it help keep you out of the Dr’s office, but most ear candle companies are selling their products at deep discounts.  July and October are the slowest months for ear candle companies btw. . . (don’t tell them I told you that!).

Here’s a few links to get super discounts and don’t require a minimum purchase:

www.CheapEarCandles.com They sell 86 cent paraffin ear candles and give you 10 more free with a 5o count order!

www.MissouriScents.com Currently they have a “grab bag” of assorted ear candles (paraffin, 100% beeswax or soy) for $.89 cents each.  You can order as many as you want. There is NO MINIMUM purchase.

www.EarCandles.net is selling their “ugly duckling” (seconds) ear candles until sold out.

www.ColonialEarCandles.net has some pretty good prices in general (no sales currently), but they do require a minimum purchase.  Nice candles though.

Well I’m back to catching up on my reading, gardening, and general summer bliss.

Happy Summer to everyone!


Vacation Time!

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The Ear Candle Lady will be gardening, welcoming a new grand child and doing some remodeling for the rest of the summer. I’ll get back here when I’m caught up on the rest of my “to do” list. In the mean time, have a WONDERFUL 4th, a safe and happy summer filled with fresh veggies, lightening bugs, summer rain, and everything that makes this time of year special!