The Ear Candle Experiment!

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Skeptics are in abundance and excitedly share, via the internet, their own unique experiment to prove the ear candle is a scam.

Here’s their UNIQUE experiment:  They take an ear candle and set it inside a [fill in the blank] and let it burn just like they do in the ear. AMAZINGLY the end result is similar (although not exact) to the one they burned in their ear.

The Ear Candle Lady would like to point out some obvious “ah-haaa” moments regarding their unique revelations to mankind:

NUMBER ONE: The “ah-haa” skeptic who thought this “experiment” up (they all think their idea has NEVER been tried) used paraffin ear candles which almost always drip into the tip of the candle regardless of where the candle is burned.

NUMBER TWO: They are all under the assumption that ear candles suck wax out of the ear.   See my other posts here:THE SCIENCE OF EAR CANDLES .  My dad taught me that when we “assume” anything  we make an “ASS of U and ME” .

NUMBER THREE: Never in any ear candling experiment report from Doctors, Scientists, all around skeptics or the DYI investigator have I seen or heard any of them allow for the pressure and oxygen transfer in the ear canal while a person BREATHES!  Layman’s terms:  Have you ever had your ears “pop”?  Ever blown you nose too hard and your ears hurt or “popped”?   A person being ear candled BREATHES the entire time; changing the pressure in the canal and allowing oxygen (or even smoke) to make it’s way inside.

NUMBER FOUR: Our skin breathes. The cereal box or Barbie doll the skeptic did his experiment in doesn’t.  We know that a huge amount of  oxygen and body pollution transfer through the skin.  I learned this in elementary school! Last time I checked, the outside ear and ear canal were covered with skin.  Anyone want to argue that?

I learned in sales (a very long time ago) that some people are miserable and sad.  They were that way 5 minutes before they met you and they will be that way for the rest of their lives.  My challenge to the skeptics is to replicate the ear in it’s entirety and then do your unique experiment while including all the variables.  Maybe then I might say; “Thanks for sharing.”

Ear Candles work, we just don’t have a “scientific” explanation for why. . .then again do we really want them to explain it like they explain Topamax and breast implants ?

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