A Little Ear Candle History Lesson

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I got this off the Missouri Scents website. Kinda cute.

Once upon a time there were lots of folks who ear candled. They ear candled their sons, they ear candled their daughters, grand son’s and grand daughters. Ear candling was a normal part of their lives. In fact, they
passed down the tradition of ear candling for many generations. When the ear candle lady was going from city to city to sell her ear candles, many folks told her that they remembered their grandmothers and great
grand mothers using ear candles. Everyone she talked to loved the feeling of a good ear candling session, even if it was a home remedy that silly doctors didn’t like.

The silly doctors and Big Pharma didn’t like to hear the stories about how good ear candles were. They couldn’t make money if people stayed home and took care of themselves. They didn’t want to spend time with
their patients ear candling or sell ear candles because all they knew how to do was over charge for silly pills with more side effects than what their pills were trying to cure! It made the doctors and Big Pharma MAD!

So, the silly doctors and Big Pharma decided to make up stories, humiliate their patients who ear candled, and actually went to the FDA to try to convince the BIG BAD FDA that ear candles were actually a medical
device that only Doctors could prescribe! Since the FDA was silly too , they believed the doctors and Big Pharma. They sent out letters to all the families and companies who made ear candles and told them they
couldn’t do it anymore.

The FDA made lots of mistakes believing in silly things, and this was another mistake. Since they told all the families and companies they couldn’t make ear candles any more because they were a medical device
that only doctors could prescribe, the ear candle families and companies got a lawyer and the lawyer told the big bad FDA to PROVE that ear candles were a scam, a fraud and a medical device.

The big bad FDA could no more prove that ear candles were a medical device than ear candling families could demonstrate HOW ear candles work!

The big bad FDA and the doctors and Big Pharma went after Chiropractos and Massage Therapists before they went after ear candles. The FDA couldn’t prove their case either, and in fact the American Medical
Association had to apologize to all the chiropractors for telling everyone chiropractors were quacks. They haven’t apologized to Massage Therapists yet. But they will.

So, just like before, the doctors and Big Pharma along with the FDA are all silly silly people who like to make LOTS of money. They will obscure the facts to sell pills, over charge for cures, invade our bodies with
poisons and then tell us ear candles are bad. Ear candles are great. We don’t know why they work. We don’t presume to guess at why, we just KNOW they work. Sorta when you know someone is standing behind you
even when you can’t see them directly.

Ear Candling empowers, inspires, and makes you feel good. Just like our grand mothers and great grand mothers knew. . . . .

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