Does the Ear Candle Lady sell Ear Candles?

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There’s been a lot of emails lately asking where MY ear candles are. I retired about 3 years ago. There are many companies online now that sell good ear candles, so why should I do it?

I’m content to give out information and hopefully guide newcomers especially to the wonderful world of ear candling. I spent years at craft fairs, expos, trade shows and the like selling ear candles, oils, and just about anything alternative therapy. Now, blogs, ebooks and retirement fit my lifestyle.

That being said, I DO know what a good ear candle is. I DO know how much marketing hype is out there and I DO know how the customer can be scammed by the “fear factor” in sales.

I came from a sales background and I know all the tricks. That’s what I want to pass on to others so they don’t get wrapped up in “fear” before they buy. Nuff said.

So, I still make ear candles for my family, when I want to. Otherwise I just tell them what online stores I think have the best deals and good customer service.

Thanks for asking. . . .

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