The “Free Shipping” Scam

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I’ve read a lot of comments on various forums about  free shipping “scams” and “ripping off John Q Public”, so I thought I might take a minute to break down “free shipping” for the casual ear candler.

Some ear candle websites use the phrase “Shipping Included”.  Another website warns you that “other” companies ‘say their shipping is free when they just increase the cost of the candles to cover shipping’. Both of these comments ARE EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

Both companies can state they offer “free shipping” because the shipping charge column is empty at checkout.   Sadly, both companies require you to purchase a MINIMUM number of candles at a higher price than other less advertised companies (start comparing prices, folks) so they can absorb the cost of shipping!

Look at the facts:  Most ear candle companies ship Priority Mail through the US Postal Service.  The very MINIMUM charge for the smallest most lightweight package is $5.05.   Parcel post is actually higher, and UPS handles heavy packages (which ear candles are not).

So, if you were to be allowed to order 1 or 2 ear candles from the ear candle companies I mentioned above,  they would be paying the post office to give you an ear candle – if they actually were offering “FREE SHIPPING”.

The only real “free shipping” offer comes from companies who offer free shipping after a minimum DOLLAR purchase.  Not quantity or  item purchase, but the dollar amount you spend with the company.  These are legit companies who know the customer needs a break.  They actually do absorb the cost of shipping without inflating prices for smaller orders.

So, off topic just a bit.  Many of you ask why shipping so so expensive.

Like I mentioned above, the smallest most lightweight package (1-4 candles) shipped Priority Mail, which you receive in 2-3 days, costs $5.05 and it goes way up from there.   The average minimum shipping charge with most ear candle companies is $7.98 .  Customers don’t account for the cost of the shipping labels, packing paper, peanuts, printer and ink, packing tape and the labor cost for the shipping personel.  That’s where the other few dollars go.

So, is a flat rate shipping charge “fair”? YES!  Of course the more you order the less you pay per ear candle.

So why don’t I just buy them at the store instead of online? Because you pay the retailer for HIS cost of the candle, cost of shipping and up to a 300% mark up!!  Buying candles online isn’t the quickest, but they are delivered to your door.

I’m getting off my soap box now.  Have a great evening everyone~

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