Ear Candle Lady to the rescue!

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So, finally I get to express my creative genius via blog!  I know I’m a little behind on the techo stuff, but then, I’m a Natural Health Consultant so techno is way too complicated!

I’m here to blog on all things ear candle.  I want you, my readers to glean what you can, have a laugh or two and maybe you will understand how to make better choices on everything ear candle.

I’m not associated with any one company, so I don’t have to placate to the practices and will of anyone.  Just an FYI. . .

If I’m lucky, I will have a daily post to my blog. . .or is it a blog on my blog?

For today, I want all of you to have a laugh.  I’ve put up some new ear candle designs at http://www.CafePress.com/EarCandles


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