Ear Candle Quiz!

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Find out if you are a candidate for ear candling!  Go to my EAR CANDLE QUIZ .  Answer the yes or no questions and it will tell you if you will have a successful ear candling experience.  Of course it still depends on who does the ear candling!  LOL

A Picture is worth a thousand words!

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I totally want to thank Samantha Woolsey, owner of Woolsey Photography for the excellent photo shoot she did for me. I now have some great pics to post with my Ear Candling Instructions to help everyone with visualizing HOW TO EAR CANDLE AT HOME.

If you haven’t read the UPDATED instructions, be sure to get over there and do it! You’ll love it.

courtesy of Woolsey Photography

My favorite Ear Candle Pic!


Ear Candle Lady to the rescue!

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So, finally I get to express my creative genius via blog!  I know I’m a little behind on the techo stuff, but then, I’m a Natural Health Consultant so techno is way too complicated!

I’m here to blog on all things ear candle.  I want you, my readers to glean what you can, have a laugh or two and maybe you will understand how to make better choices on everything ear candle.

I’m not associated with any one company, so I don’t have to placate to the practices and will of anyone.  Just an FYI. . .

If I’m lucky, I will have a daily post to my blog. . .or is it a blog on my blog?

For today, I want all of you to have a laugh.  I’ve put up some new ear candle designs at http://www.CafePress.com/EarCandles