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All About BEESWAX Ear Candles
Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the hive. It is the type of
flower gathered by the bees that determines the color of the wax,
most often shades of yellow to brown.  Additionally the type of
flowers determine the color of powdery residue left in Beeswax Ear
Candles.  Some ill informed practitioners have tried to "diagnose"
candida (yeast infection) and other issues by the color of powder in
these candles!  DON'T BUY THAT HYPE PLEASE!

The color has no significance as to the quality of the wax. Some
beeswax however, is bleached using sulphuric acid or hydrogen
peroxide which results in the addition of chemicals into the wax.  
This has no other purpose than esthetic appeal.

The most important aspect of beeswax ear candles, besides
the naturalness, is they burn longer and cleaner than any other ear
candle. The flame virtually emits negative ions (which is a positive
thing) to clean the air and invigorate the body.

Beeswax is naturally scented and gives off a subtle fragrance as it
burns. If the beeswax has a medicinal smell, chances are that it has
been chemically altered or bleached. Make sure your ear candles
are labeled:
100% beeswax. Legally, a mere 55% content can be
called 'beeswax'.

Because of this legality, many (most) companies advertise
'Beeswax' Ear Candles when, in fact, they've added paraffin to cut
costs and make it easier to take them off the molds.  

Beeswax is sticky and expensive.  It takes a lot of effort to get
those suckers off the ear candle molds.  The Ear Candle Lady
knows from personal experience a
100% Beeswax ear candle is
worth every penny the manufacturer charges!  

If you decide to purchase Beeswax Ear Candles, make sure they
are advertising
100% Beeswax.   BTW, they're my personal
12-15 min
9 inches
38 inches
of fabric
1/2 in
size of a
All natural, renewable source,
fragrant without added scents,
very little residue, long burn
time, sturdy shell, clean burn
Most expensive,
leaves powdery
residue, supply can
be inconsistent and
therefore raise prices
Beeswax is considered the BEST in the ear candle industry
because it doesn't drip, it emits negative ions, has a clean burn
and a delicious "honey" aroma.  

Because of an unexplained phenomenon in apiaries globally,
some hives are dying overnight.  This has the potential of
creating shortages of beeswax and driving prices up.

The most reported disadvantage to beeswax ear candles is the
powdery residue left in the tip after the candling is finished.
Sometimes this residue falls into the ear (
just an inconvenience
not really a problem
) and can also fall on clothing.  

The remedy is to follow MY
ear candling instructions
located here.
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