Take this simple quiz to find out if you are a candidate for a successful ear
candling experience.  Answer either "yes" or "no" to EACH STATEMENT
Do you have Meniere's Disease? Yes No Is the Doctor always right? Yes No
Do you have ringing in the ears? Yes No Do you go to the Dr. for cold symptoms? Yes No
Have you ever participated in
stressful situation like a lawsuit?
Yes No Do you see a specialist for allergy symptoms? Yes No
Do you practice alternative therapies? Yes No Do you use your health insurance often? Yes No
Do you go to the Dr more than 2 x per year? Yes No Do you get regular massage or chiropractic? Yes No
Do you take antibiotics more than once a year? Yes No Are you a muscian/pilot/fireman/ or work
in other high noise environments?
Yes No
Do you operate machinery while intoxicated? Yes No Do you have ear tubes? Yes No
Do you have a close friend or confidant? Yes No Do you have excessive wax build up? Yes No
Do you believe you are responsible for your
own health and wellbeing?
Yes No Do you have a rash or infection in
or around your ear?
Yes No
Do you have "brain fog"? Yes No Do you try to fix the symptoms or the cause
of your illnesses?
Yes No
Do you have a perforated ear drum? Yes No Is preventative care / medicine more
important than emergency care?
Yes No
Do you drink alcohol? Yes No Do you smoke? Yes No
Do you find others are mostly at
fault when issues happen?
Yes No - -
Should I Ear Candle or Not?
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