What ear candling and other alternative therapies don't do is assault your body with
chemicals, act
FAST so as to shock your balance, require a doctor's visit and $$$ for a
prescription, make the pharmaceutical companies rich, pay the FDA to "fast track"
approval, and they don't pollute the water supply when flushed out!
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Because there's way too
many "sue happy" people
who won't take
responsibility for their
actions, it is necessary to
put this on my website:  
This is an information
only website exercising
1st amendment rights to
free speech.  The Ear
Candle Lady is not a
doctor and does not treat,
diagnose, or prescribe
any treatment, cure,
therapy or concoction.  
The Ear Candle Lady
THERAPIES that are
commonly accepted for at
home use.  You agree
that The Ear Candle Lady
shall not be responsible
or liable for any loss or
damage of any sort
incurred as the result of
any dealings with
practitioners listed on this
website. If there is a
dispute between
participants on this site,
or between users and any
third party, you
understand and agree
that The Ear Candle Lady
is under no obligation to
become involved. In the
event that you have a
dispute with one or more
other users, you hereby
release The Ear Candle
Lady, its officers,
employees, agents and
successors in rights from
claims, demands and
damages (actual and
consequential) of every
kind or nature, known or
unknown, suspected and
unsuspected, disclosed
and undisclosed, arising
out of or in any way
related to such disputes
and / or our service. If you
are a California resident,
you waive California Civil
Code Section 1542,
which says: "A general
release does not extend
to claims which the
creditor does not know or
suspect to exist in his
favor at the time of
executing the release,
which, if known by him
must have materially
affected his settlement
with the debtor."  All
information is intended for
your general knowledge
only and is not a
substitute for medical
advice or treatment for
specific medical
conditions.  Ear candles
are not a substitute for
medical treatment. We
have no control of the use
of this product.  Btw, if
you are actually reading
this, we think the FDA
makes their decisions
based on the bank roll of
Big Pharma. All those
involved in the
manufacture as well as
the seller assume no
liability for any loss,
damage or expense of
any kind arising from the
use or inability to use any
of the products linked to
from this site.
Where can I BUY Ear Candles?

Where can I
GET Ear Candled?

How do I Ear Candle?

What is the
Best Type of Ear
How do I know if I SHOULD Ear Candle or not?
The Ear Candle Lady knows all!
est 1958
I'm the Ear Candle Lady.  Welcome to my website!

I've been around more years than I care to admit and been ear candling just about as long.  
You landed here because you are looking for
information about ear candles OR the art of
ear candling.  I can probably help you find what you need.

ear candling because I believe in it and know it works!  If you want to read up on
all the
ear candle"scam" information well, there's a whole bunch of negative people out there
who need to puff up their egos by trying to sound intelligent.  
The rest of us (who ARE intelligent) read, do our homework, experiment, are willing to take responsibility for our OWN health and
wellness and enjoy alternative therapies like ear candling.  We aren't afraid to go against the grain and we stick to what we know

It isn't always necessary to have SCIENTIFIC PROOF on how something works to know it does.  Below are a few facts for you:

I suffer from Vertigo.  My best friend suffers from Menier's Disease.  Ear Candles do not CURE ANYTHING.   Ear Candling does abate my
vertigo and my best friend's Menier's symptoms.  
My doctor told me to use ear candles.  He was right.  Ear Candles don't work for everyone.  
Drugs don't work for everyone either.
I DO make recommendations on
where to buy ear candles

This site and my blog are dedicated to you,
the ear candle consumer / knowledge seeker
and to my retirement which needs to be anxiously engaged in doing good!
For the latest Ear Candle
News and Information
please visit my blog:

The Ear Candle Lady Blog
#1  Ear Candles DO NOT suck or vacuum
wax out of your ear.

#2  Ear Candles are NOT medical devices
and therefore are NOT regulated by the FDA.

#3.  You can not diagnose ANYTHING from
"reading" the inside of the ear candle after it
is used.

#4.  Ear Candles are SAFE when used
correctly, so are forks, knives and matches!

#5.  Ear Candles create warmth in the ear
canal to help loosen impacted wax.

#6  Ear Candling moves smoke into the ear
canal to soften spasms of the ear drum
associated with ear aches.  Much like
smoking bees to calm them.

#7  The ear is designed to remove ear wax
and debris on it's own.  Ear Candling helps
when additional assistance is needed.

#8  The best way to utilize ear candling is a
Maintenance Therapy rather than First Aid.

#9  Ear Candles do not CURE anything.

#10  Ear Candling benefits are usually seen
2-3 days AFTER your session.  Most
alternative therapies take longer to see
The ear candle information here is for your use, uncompensated and free from political pressure.
Don't sit on the fence
Ear Candling.
Take the test--see if
you are a candidate!
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Check back often!  This website is being updated as of Feb 3.2013. More info will be available VERY
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